The Latter-Day Letters

Colossians 4:16
"After this letter has been read to you, see that it is also read in the church of the Laodiceans and that you in turn read the letter from Laodicea ."

It is interesting to note that 1/3 of the 66 books ofthe Bible is in the form of "letters".The last 22 books of Scripture are letters written by the apostles to the churches and their co-workers. It is alsointeresting to note that there are 22 Hebrew letters in all, from Aleph to Tav (see Psalm 119) , i.e. from Alpha to Omega. If it seems coincidental that there are 22 Hebrew alphabets ( letters) and 22 Epistles (letters ) and both sets are "letters", I would rather attribute that to the wisdom of God displayed. Do write in your letters to be read by all and do read the letters from all. May the grace of God be with you.

Please send your letters, questions, articles or reports to John Tng at

Please note that it is impossible for even two like-minded souls to agree on everything. You should read these letters with this in mind and pray for understanding from the Spirit of Truth. Thank you.


WWW Five Doves
6 Dec 2010

Pro 29:7
The righteous considereth the cause of the poor: but the wicked regardeth not to know it.

Name Message
Paul N.F. Growing Love for Our Fellow Christians
Jim Bramlett For Jason and others wanting to stop a bad habit
Leigh to   JOHN  and all DOVES   and Virginia ARNKE
Nando Dec 4,2010 My poem for the time at hand Nando, Thank you Wayne Philbeck!
Jean Stepnoski Will the Children Vastly Outnumber the Parents?
Marilyn Agee Robert Rose: "Hanukkah Rapture Discrepancies"
Suzi Re: Bob W and the jets in our valley
Suzi Thank you Cindi!
Suzi to Amy re Misc Responses
Bob Ware This coming Pearl Harbor Day and some very unlikely family coincidences
Robert Belanger Re: Rowina Prayer for Discernment
Robert Belanger Re:  Prayer for Rowina in " A Visit With the Big Dipper"
Robert Belanger Start Today to Plant Your Needs
Robert G The Miracle Prayer
Rudy Wallace Bruce Warner HOW ABOUT ALL THESE 'ELEVENS'....
Rudy Wallace Rene re: Rudy & NASA Agenda
Bonnie M Kamie - God and Advanced Dementia
Linda Hazelton RE:  The Occult Wedding of Prince William
Linda Hazelton RE: 84
Ernie Cancun Climate Change Talks start with a call to the gods
Elliot Hong A Connection of Israel's Drought, Fire and Hanukkah
Clay Cantrell Bright Light Over Damascus, The Beginning and the End?
Clay Cantrell re Jason C and the Smoking
Clay Cantrell December 9, Day 343 
Clay Cantrell Notes on Polonium & the Destruction of Damascus 
Gail Rapture Dec.25?  21 days prior is Dec.5th, planet Jupiter watch date
Corey Anne For Devorahli
Corey Anne Regarding discernment
Dave Blackman Cindi (4 Dec 2010),"Free Net Project"
John G Prince El Hassan bin Talal
Leo Anybody heard of this group?
Mary Anna Mary C, Adams post on Sat. Dec. 4th
Paul Wilson Daily Christian Wisdom
Paul Wilson mom update 
Mike Curtiss Patty Hayes (4 Dec 2010)
Sentinel K Deborah: a question about numbers
Bruce Warner TO: Michael Lorion RE: Rev 6:2 response
Will Schumacher My original post about feb 6, 2011 from this summer
Will Schumacher zech 12:3 supporting 2-6-11
Barb Pennell First Fruits Ministry
GM To Many:  re:  Rev 6 and the white horse
Leslie Fain The white rider
Steve Coerper "Christmas"
Amanda Hallelujah Chorus 
Tina Abrams To Chris K. About vision ?
Wendy Is Obama the Third Antichrist?
Chris K Re: Paul Wilson - Would the Prohibition Apply to
Chris K Re: Wade Balzer-[Revelation2217] Behold He comes in the FOG of Heaven..
Chris K New Moon On Monday
Chris K Re: Diane L - Anna the Prophetess
April info for Daniel Matson...the second three and a half weeks
Nancy Harbour Satan's 119?
Anthony Polenski The Source of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
Gary Newman smoking
Daniel Matson Time issues with 2010-2017 
Camars January 1, 2011
Fay New Dove
John Tng My own RAPTURE fleece

Mary Anna (URL) Pakistan Cleric Offers Reward for Killing Christian Woman
Mercer (URL) The Mystery of the 8 or 9 Jubilees
Mary Anna (URL) Obama Downplays WikiLeaks Fiasco
Mary Anna(URL) China passenger train hits 300 mph, breaks record
Firecharger (VIDEO) Obama Shiva the Destroyer (video)
John Clark (URL) Cancun talks start with a call to the gods
Don Best (VIDEO) Honored guests sat in the third row on back 

5 Dec 2010: No letters

4 Dec

Pro 28:28
When the wicked rise, men hide themselves: but when they perish, the righteous increase.

Name Message
Paul N.F. To Whom Do You Belong?
Susan Davis I Am Coming! Part XXII
Rene re: Where the AC will Rise From
Rene re: Paul's mom
Joe M The Word of The Lord
Rowina Jason C: praying for release from smoking habit
Rowina Pray for my discernment
Phil Christchurch Earthquakes
Steve W To Jason C.   Prayer request
Steve W Israeli Fire     Any Connection ?
Steve Mullin Bob Dylan Song & Lyrics
Suzi Jesse Ventura...too close for comfort?
Patty Hayes This is a most delightful rendition of the Jonah story
Patty Hayes Prayer request for Jason
Patty Hayes Mystery trader captures 80pc of London's copper market and Fox News
Lisa Taylor To Robert Rose re: Fake Fall Feasts
Lisa Taylor To Paul Wilson re: Question Regarding Hell
Carrolla surprise Hallelujah chorus at mall food court
Mary Adams A Visit with the Big Dipper
Mercer JR Church......Clash of the Titans
Mercer The Occult Wedding of Prince William
Mercer Glen Beck....Alex Jones types......13 Bloodlines of the Anti christ
Diane L Anna the Prophetess
Cindi Bible study computer program
Cindi Google Earth reveals Star of David on roof of Iran Air HQ
Cindi Re: Leslie Fain
Cindi Suzi
Cindi Free Net Project
Dave Hasselbeck Shofar Dream
Jean Stepnoski Hanukkah, Mount Carmel, and Elijah
Katy Brashear Bracket-Plan for America...
Katy Brashear Jason C prayer request...and mine
Katy Brashear Bob Ware spraying our skys..
Jan Mikael My 'Candlestik Experience' - 'taken up in a flash of light' - and - 'changed into light' !
Jan Mikael Jaw-dropping image of enormous 'supercell' cloud in Glasgow, Montana.
Keith M Earthquake Timelines (Hanukkah)
Devorahli Rod Prayer request
Bill Salus The Alien Gospel of Signs & Lying Wonders (Marzulli / Salus)
CSchout re: Mary Anna's response (3 Dec 2010) to Rene (2 Dec 2010)
Chris K vision of ripened harvest and two moons
Charles Holler no sign given but....
Deborah Its happening: Wave goodbye to Internet freedom
Amy VanGerpen Misc. Responses
Alan Clark To know God better and better!
Paul Wilson Would the Prohibition Apply to
Paul Wilson The 2300 Day Tribulation Crunch
Mike Curtiss Newsweek and The God Who Fails
Wade Balzer [Revelation2217] Behold He comes in the FOG of Heaven...
Bill Griese Isaiah Identifies the 'King of Babylon' as the Antichrist
Will Schumacher Zech 14:2 tied to Dan 12:11
Harvey Troyer Will all Christians be taken in the Rapture—a Sobering Question?
Michael Lorion Re:Bruce Warners Rev 6:2 view
Kamie God's words through dementia

Wayne Philbeck (URL) Obama at the bat!
BG Ellis (URL) THE RAPTURE and START of WORLD WAR III – BY: December 21st 2010!
Deborah(URL) House Passes Permanent Middle-Class Tax Cut
Mary Anna(URL) Obama Downplays WikiLeaks Fiasco
Cindy (VIDEO) A song..
Cindy(VIDEO) Another song..

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