Clay Cantrell (6 Dec 2010)
"Notes on Polonium & the Destruction of Damascus"

Readers -

These are notes from an email I sent someone that might be of interest. Most
material I have posted before, but not all.


Enoch Hebrew gematria = 84
Polonium = Element 84

I can't say I understand the total significance of the Polonium event outside of
it's obvious prophetic Sign-Post role. Of all the prognosticating gone wrong,
the Polonium murder in 2006 was a exact fulfillment of what the Lord said to
watch for in Oct 2004, based strictly on the presence of 9-11 numbers and
Jared/Enoch numbers in the element boiling and melting points etc. So, after
two years + the Polonium event actually occurred and I have a whole folder of
indecipherable pages of numbers I worked on in a mad rush after I read the

The number to come out of the Polonium murder was it's isotope # which was 210.
This was the number in the worldwide media.

210th prime = 1289.

so.... That might indicate that 1289 is a nuclear number.

1289 is the Destruction of Damascus # the Lord just gave me out of nowhere. It
was supernatural. It is the next step in the Spirit revealed 'progression' of
events, like watching a skipping stone go across water.

9-11 = day 254
(254 x 3) + 527 Jared = 1289.

from 9-11-2001, or from the death of the ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko on
11.23.2006 of Polonium poisoning, or both, to the Destruction of Damascus
Isaiah 17:1 is a certain number of days probably divisible by 109. Bible verse
# and total verse gematria of Isaiah 17:1 both based on 109.

Strong's numbers again prove to be designed of God in regard to Damascus because
109 is found easily

Damascus 1834h
1834 = (109 x 5) + 1289 !
1834 = (109 x 8) + 962 Jared lifespan

First four words of Isaiah 17:1 total 1289. Words two and four both are
Damascus. imho Implication is that two nuclear bombs will be dropped on

There are 3379 (109 x 31) inclusive  days from 9-11-01 thru 12-11-2010. That's
the next 109 based day count date coming up.

I do note this though -
that from 11.23.06 (Litvinenko dies) inclusive through 12-11-2010 =

1480 days.
Christ = 1480 Greek value

The Destruction of Damascus also has to do with the Bible person of Shechem, son
of Hamor and the Bible account of what happens to them after the rape of Dinah
(judgment), die to number associations.

Hamor Hebrew value = 254.
(day number for 9-11)

Shechem Hebrew value = 360.

Will we be here to see it? I think it happens at basically the same time as the
Rapture, maybe a little before as Acts 9:40 possibly indicates, which is my
main Resurrection verse of study and it contains the 1289 #.

Watch for:

Shechem (in some form) and/or the number 1289 to surface.