Fay (6 Dec 2010)
"New Dove"

Dear John,
After being yet another Dove "lurker", herewith my input. Before I share my experiences, I must thank you for a wonderful website. It has been a great source of strength and has helped me to focus on the warning signs being real. We humans tend towards cynicism in these murky days. Our eyes have been cloaked with the dark cape of our current reality - our physical realm. Father God, our Saviour and Lord Jesus, have insisted and ensured that I have been equipped with the knowledge that I belong to Him. It has been the most incredible, mind bending journey. I won't give the gory details but it is enough to say that my family and I were victims of one Robert Mugabe and his evil regime in Zimbabwe. When the ghastly "dinner jacket" leader of Iran popped into Zimbabwe this year, to open the annual Trade Fair, I knew what forces were driving Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Birds of a feather flock together and all that. The ripple effect, upon the world, has only gathered pace. The Chinese have gained a strong foothold in Zimbabwe. The atrocities performed by Zimbabwe's 5th Brigade, against her own people, were a result of the 5th Brigade being trained - thoroughly well - by North Korea. Thousands died and are in mass graves. It does not take a genius to put two and two together. It is now abundantly clear that we have a partitioning of  groups of satanic power in the world: America has Japan, UK, Australia, South Korea. China has Russia, Iran, North Korea etc. The EU is playing a strange game - they are either a 3rd player with their own agenda - or they are just very clever at playing both decks. Israel, God Bless her, is standing alone. These 3 groups of satanic power are in a power struggle with each other. It's the old "divide and rule" tactic - one that Satan knows very well. The victims of this power struggle - the ordinary man in the street! I believe that Iran is politically linked to Russia and China but she has the difference of fanaticism - holding a psychological hold over other Islamist's. Satan has many tools!! As Obama is behaving in a graceless and clueless manner (we all think he's a bit stupid) so do the others in these different groups. Their methods are both brilliant and moronic, at the same time. It's rather bizarre. George W Bush was (and still is) a source of great hilarity when his spoonerisms are flagged up during comedy shows. They are a peculiar mix of evil and the ridiculous. Take a look at how physically ridiculous Hitler was ....Mao.....Mugabe.....dinner jacket dude......Medvedev (he has a very big head for his body too).....Putin (those ludicrous macho photos)......Herman Von Rompey (ahem!) ...the list is endless. Obama and his "hand flapping" when he runs down the stairs of an aircraft! I know this sounds petty and unchristian but these are very real characteristics of the current movers and shakers against Israel. They are also inordinately clumsy with their plans. In his push to bring America to her knees, Obama seems to have lost the plot. Soros and his band of deceivers are being exposed every day. However, none of them seem to care. Therein lies the frightening aspect. They have pressed the "go" button and they cannot retreat.
In June 2010, a very large Heron landed on our garage roof. It was so unusual, I couldn't stop thinking about it for days. We are nowhere near an expanse of water and our fish pond is more ornamental than a potential feeding ground for such a predator! After reading some letters from the Doves regarding putting out a fleece - I decided to be brave and ask the Lord to send the Heron back. I have always looked out for him and he's never been back since that first time. Last night, I prayed to the Lord to send the heron back to perch upon the garage roof for a full 10 minutes. This will be a sign that our longed for Rapture would be in 2010. This very morning, the Heron arrived back - perched on the garage roof - for a full 10 minutes. I am still in a state of awe. Praise God Almighty.
As a quick addition, we were in Zimbabwe in 2001, for the total solar eclipse. That was in June. In September 2001, 9/11 happened. I was particularly interested in the 2010 solar eclipse which had Easter Island as the favourite viewing platform for tourists. The Hal Lindsay report, this week, has a story about trouble on Easter Island. Please do read it. Interestingly, the date 1888, features strongly in the history of Easter Island. The mining disaster in New Zealand had me wondering. I prayed about it, asking for wisdom. The next day, a documentary on the Freemasons came on. Albert Pike was the main subject. A powerful satanist. If you know nothing about Albert Pike, please Google it. Very disturbing. I strongly believe that this mining disaster was engineered and was a signal to the occultist realm. The North Korean attack on the island of Pyeongyeong was on the news (here in UK) and was often referred to as "this fisherman's island".
I pray that the Lord Jesus comes for his church very soon. Aside from my loved one's and fellow Christians, I find this world increasingly repugnant. I am frightened for Israel and frightened for all the victims of the world.
God Bless you all
In Jesus' Beloved Name
Welcome to the Doves, Fay!