Clay Cantrell (6 Dec 2010)
"re Jason C and the Smoking"

Readers -

25 years ago, I knew a person who smoked 4 packs of cigarettes a day. she became a christian when I knew her, but was still smoking as she had been since a teenager. she was about 25-27 years old.

she really wanted to stop smoking, and a christian told her that God could deliver anyone anytime from any bondage they were in - they just had to take Him at His word, and believe that God and His Power were able, by faith.

she was very afraid of the possible side effects of quitting, specifically physically 'shaking' as she had tried to quite many times before.

she told me this story herself. A christian she knew held her hands, and prayed for her in an office at work. during the prayer, she suddenly quit praying, and stepped away from the person who was praying for her.

she got very agitated and said out loud, "My lungs are burning up, they're hot hot hot, like they're on fire!"

her praying friend told her, "The Lord has just healed you of your addiction and is cleaning your lungs out - that's why they're hot. that's the Holy Ghost at work."

she went home, slept fine, came back to work, and declared, "I didn't shake one bit. God has healed me!"

and that was the end of it.

Jesus breaks every chain, and gets the glory for it!