Linda Hazelton (6 Dec 2010)
"RE:  The Occult Wedding of Prince William"

RE:  The Occult Wedding of Prince William
It's weird that you have posted this.   I often wake up in the middle of the night with something that
the Holy Spirit has put in my mind.  Sometimes I will get up and look at scripture on the internet or
review some of the sites I don't have time to look at during my busy day.   In general, I don't pay
much attention to the occult because I don't feel it necessary to understand God's Word.  But a few
weeks ago from info on Doves as a jump start I learned more details about the Mason's and the
occult than I care to know.   Enough to prompt me to buy and read "Apollyon Rising."
I admired Princess Diana and was sorrowful about her death at the time even though I didn't know much
about the occult then.  Even then I thought the events surrounding her death were strange and I suspected
the involvement of her mother-in-law.  But I don't worship people and I felt that she was a world figure and
probably not born again so I would rarely think about her.  
One night a couple of weeks ago when I woke up I "heard" the Holy Spirit say, "Go  read about
Princess Diana."   I am very, very, very, very careful about the things I "hear" to the point that some
times I wonder that I may not be as quick to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.  I thought it was
odd but did as I was told.   I read the things you have posted here and a whole lot more.  It caused
me to realize just how surrounded we are with the evil of this world much like Joseph when he was
in Egypt.  
I find it interesting that you were led to research the exact same information that I was!
I have no doubt that in fact these people are involved in this and that even as young as he is Prince
William is not only aware of what he is into but also has accepted it.  My question is whether the young
women he has chosen as his fiancee is aware.   Apparently Diana was  not until she was taken to
the queen's castle and had spells spoken over her--by then it was too late!
I have to say I sure hope Yeshua gets here soon. . . I just don't think all of the things that are coming
to "light" spiritually and literally and are perceived by all of us could be just circumstancial.