Chris K (4 Dec 2010)
"vision of ripened harvest and two moons"

Beloved Doves,
  This is an account of a vision given to me in the spring of 1993. It was very much the turning point of my life back from spiritual wanderings, and I know, a warning from that moment for me and a portent for something in the distant future! Well, I believe, that future has arrived.
  Staying with some acquaintances in Berkley, Ca. I had laid down to rest one morning and out of uncertainty had prayed for understanding about the/my future. As I lay awake with my eyes closed, I found myself walking out from the front of a humble white cottage with thatched roof(typical of those found in Great Britain). Completely surrounding the cottage was a wheat field, as far as the eye could see, just over waist high and perfectly ripe for harvest and leading off into the southwest was pathway. The sun had just set and as I walked around the cottage and looked up into what I believe was the northern sky, I saw two moons, side by side. One crescent and one full and upon seeing them became so afraid as to be "petrified"...I could not move(and this is where I know it was a vision and not a dream). At that moment I opened my eyes(laying on my bed) and felt exactly as I had felt in the vision, no change, no difference. I was feeling physical bodily fear that totally immobilizes you. I knew I was awake the entire time and yet I was truly in the vision as it was hyper-real.
  I have read accounts of prophecies concerning two moons, but unable to find any correlation, I rely on others for input or interpretation. I had sent a letter to the doves concerning a dream of a lunar eclipse dated the 20th of Nov.(could not find the link), but, I don't believe there's any connection between the two...the only thing I can add from my own thoughts is that we do not see the moon in the northern sky, correct?
  Once again, thanks to all my brothers and sisters in the Lord for their obedience and fellowship.       Chris K.