Sentinel (Randy) Kulp (6 Dec 2010)
"Deborah: a question about numbers"

Ten is a multiple of 2 and 5. Two is the number of testimony, and five is the number of grace.
The sum of the multiple should manifest a "testimony of grace." Thus the number 10 is one of
responsibility. There are ten virgins. Only five lived up to their responsibility to uphold a
"testimony of grace." There are numerous other places in Scripture where the number ten can be
found. I will let you ponder these, and how the theme of responsibility applies to each individual case.
It doesn't surprise me that your son would have dreams focusing on these numbers. Very soon we shall
 all appear before Christ at the Bema, or judgment seat, where an account of our lives will be presented.
It is a time of accountability, or responsibility, as to how well each has fulfilled the will of God for their lives.
And we shall all have to cross over the pit to get to the Bema.
Please understand, dreams and visions are often given by God to His people before something
climactic is going to occur. As you are aware, this does not necessarily mean that those who receive the
dreams or visions will understand what they are given. Additionally, you will find that when people in the Bible received them, they were
often purturbed by what they saw. What is important is that your son ask for the grace to remain at peace,
since he as been found worthy to receive revelations from God.   
While we await His soon return,
Sentinel Kulp
I have a 9 year old son who has been seeing "visions" of numbers from

time to time.  When he tells me about these numbers, he seems  
frustrated that they have persistantly bothered him all day.  It  
started last summer, around July 4th.  We were driving through a  
campground and it was very dark out.  He said he saw a big white  
letter 10 flash in his face.   In around September, he said he saw a  
1 on and off all day.  A few weeks ago he said he saw a 5 on and off  
all day.  Then last monday the 29th, he said he saw a 0 on and off  
all day.  We always ask the Lord to show us what he is trying to say  
in a dream or a vision.  The only dream my son said he has had  
(occurred within days prior to seeing the 0) is of him walking across  
a series of bridges over a pit.  He said he would cross one bridge,  
then another would pop up.  I just felt i should share this in case  
someone out there might understand any of this???