Jean Stepnoski (4 Dec 2010)
"Hanukkah, Mount Carmel, and Elijah"

Dear Doves,
      My thanks to Gina McCray for her linked information about fires in the Carmel forest area in northern Israel. Mount Carmel is where there was the famous confrontation between the prophet Elijah, who may be one of the Two Witnesses in the Hour of Tribulation period ahead, and the 800 priests of the sun god called bael. Elijah was fearless and insisted the people choose between the one true supreme being or the false sun god on that momentous day. They could no longer symbolically sit on the fence and waiver between the two choices. They had to choose because it was spiritually necessary. A command was given. SEPARATE. The division, the great divide, was announced. No more delay, no more waiting for them. These fires are raging during the days of Hanukkah, associated with lights of flames of fire. Later Elijah ascended in a fiery chariot. Are these clues to choose to soon depart the Mystery, Babylon the Great? Will there soon be the day of ascending for some, like Elijah, who will be transformed without the experience of death? Is it wise to be attentive to lessons from Elijah? Are we on the verge of his returning and THE  DAYS OF ELIJAH? May we be WATCHING for The Master each day!
With Love and Shalom,