The Latter-Day Letters

Colossians 4:16
"After this letter has been read to you, see that it is also read in the church of the Laodiceans and that you in turn read the letter from Laodicea ."

It is interesting to note that 1/3 of the 66 books ofthe Bible is in the form of "letters".The last 22 books of Scripture are letters written by the apostles to the churches and their co-workers. It is alsointeresting to note that there are 22 Hebrew letters in all, from Aleph to Tav (see Psalm 119) , i.e. from Alpha toOmega. If it seems coincidental that there are 22 Hebrew alphabets ( letters) and 22 Epistles (letters ) and both sets are "letters", I would rather attribute that to the wisdom of God displayed. Do write in your letters to be read by all and do read the letters from all. May the grace of God be with you.

Please send your letters, questions, articles or reports to John Tng at

Please note that it is impossible for even two like-minded souls to agree on everything. You should read these letters with this in mind and pray for understanding from the Spirit of Truth. Thank you.


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10 April 2011: No letters

 9 April

Romans 5:1: Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:

Romans 5:2: By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

Name Message
Paul N. F. Christians Drawn by This Present World's Charms
Rosaire Clavet
huge explosion
John Clark
Frank Molver
Dana's rapture dream re America & 3 flags
Frank Molver
Spivey 2 week tiday wave dream
Earthquake Light???
Paul Synder
Paul Wilson
A dream about a tidal wave
Raul D
More on Nov 29
Richard Wills
Keith Davidson
Powerpoint Presentation about:  The Dead in Christ Rise First
SCOFFERS......more and more in the secular media....NOW on TV!
Harvey Troyer
An Antidote for Feeling Very Down Today—Please Share this with Everyone!
Dan Cooney
America Fails The Test
Dan Cooney
From Berean Call
Elliot-April 8.........yes, something will happen
Jan Mikael
Is it sign of 'spirituel War' is going on in the Heavenly and soon on Earth ???
Jan Mikael
God be Merciful unto us...Psalms chpt. 67:1-7.v. King James Version Bible.
Jan Mikael
Iran's End Times Documentary
Jan Mikael
The Lord said unto my Lord.... Psalms chpt. 110:1-7.v. King James Version Bible.
Barry Amundsen
Kathy, Praise God, I'm so happy for you!!
Very short note - 1260 days  of Power
Clay Cantrell
Don't miss this
Sweet comment my son said about animals
Odd Timeline Finding
Glenn Beck Occultist
Michael Colunga
RE:  Dana Babka--Rapture soon, ( Sound the Alarm).
Michael Colunga
RE:  Phil Rogers, your post:  "To Ed (and anybody else) Re3 Day Warning - Confirmation"
Michael Colunga
RE:  Suzi--your post to Amanda
Michael Colunga
RE:  Suzi--your prayer request
Michael Colunga
RE:  Where is the REAL Mt. Sinai?
Robin B
Patty and Randy ...Beck leaving Fox
To Dana Babka (3 flag vision)--I had one also
I Am Coming! Part LIV (54)
Strange gibberish/brain malfunctions?
Thank you Mike C. re: prayer
To Gina re: Earthquakes? End of the world?
To John Clark re: Heart
Mike Thompson
To All Doves:  Wedding Table
RE:Paul Wilson (8 Apr 2011)
Mary Anna
Kathy (8 Apr 2011)  "Barry & Michael [speaking n tongues
To John Clark, in praise of the Lord and beta blockers
Lora Shipley
More New Videos for the 14 Clue - Rapture Time-Frame: Clues 4 Daniel, Clue 5 King David, Clue 6 Ruth
Devorahli Rod
Kevin Drake
Out of Egypt
"Comet" Elenin: The Common Denominator
Re: Phil Rogers Responce to Ed " 3 day warning?"
Alan Clark
Did Paul Go To Mount Sinai in Arabia?
Amy VanGerpen
The Great Middle East War

(VIDEO) You must watch and send this to all youth
(URL) The United Nations and the United Religions Initiative
Mary Anna
(URL) Hamas steps up war on Israel
John Clark
(URL) Pike's Amazing Predictions,Of Three World Wars
Bill Griese
(URL) DEBKAfile: Savage missile blitz from Gaza sends a million Israelis to shelters
Bill Griese
(URL) DEBKAfile: Gaza War intensifies. Hizballah takes a hand

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