Amanda (9 Apr 2011)
"To Dana Babka (3 flag vision)--I had one also"

Hello Dana,

I read your post from 4/8/2011 regarding seeing the three American flags.  I practically jumped out of my seat with excitement because the Lord showed me three flags also.  I have been wondering what it mean for a long time.  I pulled out my journal where I jot down all the Lord speaks to me or shows me and I wrot in there on August 6, 2009:  "woke up and saw three American flags!"  I was searching for so long what could it possibly mean.  I looked at historic dates in America or maybe a holiday that represented 3 flags.  I thought He was trying to show possibly a day.  Thank you for posting.  I remember waking up and looking right outside my bedroom door in the hallway right above my son's bedroom door was three American flags on flag posts sort of staggered but close by eachother and the vision was done.  I remember thinking...what does this mean?!