Barry Amundsen (9 Apr 2011)
"Kathy, Praise God, I'm so happy for you!!"

I am so happy for you!
Before I even start though, you don't need to wait because the Dave Roberson book is an e book on his site and it is free. I'll get the link directly to it for you.
You find it on his site when you clink the link "books" and it is called "The Walk of the Spirit the Walk of Power".
I don't think you will find a better source of information to answer all your questions about tongues for personal edification than you get from this brother.
I cannot tell you what your post means to me. It is easy these days to become discouraged with all that is going on in this world and while we wait for our Lord to come and rescue us the everyday issues can get us down. Knowing that I have helped even one person to come closer to Jesus like this means so much to me.
I rejoice with you and look forward to meeting you soon in our glorified bodies that have no more infirmities. I pray that even now you will begin and continue to experience the joy of the Lord which is our strength and yes, the gift is for you to enjoy as much and as often as you like "on purpose" as Dave Roberson says. You have seriously made my day!
If I may quickly summarize a little of what Dave teaches about tongues again, he says that what happens is we are given the proper prayer from the HS to facilitate asking the Father for what the Spirit knows we need (because the Spirit knows what is the plan of God for our life that we have gotten off of, like a builder looking at a blueprint for a building He sees what the plan says is supposed to be producing in our life) but we don't how know to ask for the right thing for our-self. Therefore, He asks on our behalf by speaking "mysteries" which means according to God's word the same promises that God gave through the apostles are what is being prayed for us back to God. The prayers we pray are 100% according to God's perfect will for us as opposed to our own prayers which are often "amiss" because we know not how to pray as we ought. The Spirit helps our infirmities. As you continue to pray with the Holy Ghost you will be asking God to give you what He already knows you need and He has been wanting to give you all along but He has been limited by His own rule that He needs an asking voice. (You have not because you ask not and when you ask you ask amiss.) Then when you ask this way God is finally free to answer you "speedily" as Jesus says, and as Dave Roberson says, "There aint a thing this side of hell the devil can do about it, praise God!" Dave himself once said in a teaching tape that I got many years ago on this, he wanted to know what he was saying, just like you asked. Well God told him, "I can't tell you because you'd mess it up." In other words its best that we don't know because we cannot interfere then but trust that He knows what He is doing.
Satan has tried to keep this truth from spreading because once you get this you will be like a holy fire that can spread to others too.
Blessings overflowing!
Barry Amundsen