Suzi (9 Apr 2011)
"Strange gibberish/brain malfunctions?"

I saw a youtube video, I think it was from Patrioticspace, saying that he'd been feeling 'fuzzy headed', and having a sense of something not right at about the time of the Japan earthquake. I found that interesting, since I actually thought 'we're having an earthquake', looked at the clock and around the room...when I could see nothing moving, I figured it must have been a small one somewhere. I was going to look it up later, but the news reported it before I did. Since I'd noted the time, I had, indeed 'felt' the earthquake. Now, I'm in I'm not talking about feeling the earth move...I'm talking about an odd feeling that I was sensation of somehow, me not 'sitting right' in my 'space'. *wow, that sounds crazy*...but it's also a physical sensation. Unfortunately, it's akin to motion sickness, or low blood sugar, or that feeling you get when you sit up too fast, that blood pressure 'whoosh' in your head. I do all of those all the time, of course, CA does have earthquakes ALL THE

But as for this 'gibberish'...I wasn't feeling well today. My daughter has a head/chest cold, but she had to drive me to my neck surgeon to talk about my next cervical spine surgery. He's in a town about 45 miles away. I'd had x-rays done yesterday, and just the movements/positions they have me hold (including holding one arm up over my head while holding a heavy weight in the other hand), seriously hurts me. So, today, I was in pain, my neck was stiff and my head 'foggy'. By the time we got back into town, my daughter was feverish and I decided to take her to our local doc. I was driving then. I was tired, and I kept stumbling over words (not uncommon, I'm sure everyone's done that). We actually make a joke, from an 'out take' from a favorite tv show that an actor messed up his line and slowly says, "can't... sentence... properly", whenever we do that. Which I did. Then my daughter (who had not seen the above video, except the one of the Grammy's which was all over the news the day after it happened)....tells me that on the way to school the other day, her friend was driving and he made a startled sound. She saw and heard him, and she said his 'face twitched', like a spasm, then he started talking and he did a short 'sentence' very similar to what these people did. He got really quiet, and she waited for him to speak again, and finally she said, 'what the heck was that?'. He was concerned, he told her he didn't know what happened, first his face grimaced, then when he started to say something about it, the words just didn't come out right, so he stopped.

WHAT is going on?

My stuff today was pain, fatigue and distraction since I was driving while tired and, sometimes my brain moves faster than my mouth! But she described an event in a 21 yr. old, very similar to what these tv people have done. There are other videos out there, as these guys mention where people are questioning the 'why/how' of it all. Could there be something happening that is making our brains 'misfire'? Is the same 'thing' that makes me 'feel' earthquakes that I could not possibly 'feel' be making others have some kind of mental 'crossed wires'?

My son told me years ago the reason I 'felt' the effects of seismic activity was because of the enormous energy that was released, he said it would definitely affect parts of the brain.

Another theory is HAARP. They have said it could be used for 'mind control'. Our own government admits to trying to perfect 'mind control'. Sometimes I seriously feel like we are living in a real life 'X-file'!! Is it spiritual? Natural/science? Or possibly the most frightening of made mayhem?! Our government or shadow governments or 'puppet masters' pulling our strings. *shudder*

I told my daughter to keep an eye on her friend (especially when he is driving...she actually thought he might be having a seizure or something and was ready to grab the wheel)...I told her if he ever does something like that again, note the time, and we can check to see if any quakes might be in play.

So many things are going on. The weather is crazy here, we hit over 90 degrees the other day, and now we are back to rain and hail! In one afternoon, we went from sunny skies, to raining...and in the drive from one town to another we missed hail storms so bad (within 30 miles to the east and south of us) that a huge oak tree was knocked down! The barometric pressure is making everyone with allergies miserable too.

Things are just not right.

Anyone else experiencing this stuff? Thoughts?