Suzi (9 Apr 2011)
"To John Clark re: Heart"

Wow. You have been through a lot, and have a remarkably 'jovial' attitude! Praise the Lord!

I have had a 'wonky' (my kids' word) heartbeat my whole life. It has always been really slow (even when I was 267lbs at 5'4"). My blood pressure has also always been 'low'.

I've had bouts of 'racing', 'pounding', 'skipped beats', 'murmurs'...the works. My mom (who was a smoker and on birth control pills for 16 yrs), died of a heart attack at 38. I am 53.

A few weeks ago, I felt really weak all of a sudden, dizzy, queasy, and light headed. I felt like my heart was beating hard and fast, it actually felt like it was rocking my body with each pound. I was surprised when I took my pulse, it would only beat up to 7 'normally spaced' beats, then it would pause, then have two or three fast ones...then repeat. I timed it twice, and even though the 'beats' were HARD, my pulse rate was only 56 each time! Even after coming in from the studio apartment out back and walking into the house.

I told my GYN as a side note to how I'd been feeling, and he started questioning me (especially about the feeling of it 'pounding out of my chest'). He wrote me an Rx, he said, 'if it does it again, go immediately to the ER, give them this, that way they'll take you directly back and hook you up'. He said something about it being 'transient' and unless you are in the middle of an 'episode', it can go  undetected. I told him it only lasted about 30 minutes, and I'd done it a few times in the past, and had gone to the ER...but as he said, by the time I got back and hooked up, everything was 'normal'. Once they gave me potassium and the 'skipped beats' leveled out.

Please keep us posted here, I am curious to see what you are told by the 'experts' (and yes, my sarcasm font is in use), I'm a 'worry wart', and keep remembering my mom being so young.

Take care!