KML (9 Apr 2011)
"Re: Phil Rogers Responce to Ed " 3 day warning?""

Hello Phil and Doves
  In responce to your letter to Ed, I thought I would mention also that JESUS told the deciples " It shall be as in the days of Noah ". With this in mind; "The Most High" told us " You shall know the END from the BEGINNING." Isaiah 46: 9,10

When we go back to the days of Noah, we see there is a 7 day period from the [ death of Methusela] to the DOOR being shut and the flood waters began.

Why the 7 days?
METHUSELA means.....his death shall bring.
Everyone living in that day knew the meaning of his name, and his age. They expected something to happen at his death.
When 2 or 3 days had past, they figured that there must not be anything to it.
They went back to their everyday life.
7 days were the set time to MORN the dead.

Never the was 7 days and then the waters came and it was too late.

I have always felt the story of the 10 Virgins were for preparedness.
If there is a warning set for us before the Rapture, perhaps it will be as it was in the [ Days of Noah] rather than as it was for the children of Israel in the desert.


1. In Genesis There was a SHUTTING of the DOOR
2. In Revelation there is an OPENING of the DOOR  Rev 4:1

1. The TRUMPET sound of the voice of God on Mount Sinai is the FIRST trumpet
2. The TRUMPET sound we shall hear at the RAPTURE is the LAST Trumpet

Here is a video of Gary Stearman " Prophecy In The News "

Just a thought.....

Be Blessed