Kevin Drake (9 Apr 2011)
"Out of Egypt"

Phil and I have completed a new article entitled "Out of Egypt", a study about the resurrection/rapture in the Jewish month of Nisan at the time of the Passover.

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Here is a short excerpt from the article...

The Two Witnesses

Do not be shocked or shaken in spirit if (before we are taken home around Passover) we should see Moses and Elijah in Jerusalem. From the account in the Book of Esther, it looks like the first trump for the assembling/gathering of the saints may happen on Nisan 14th (Passover). And the living believers may be taken up to be with them on Nisan 16th after 2 days and on the 3rd day!

It is possible (since the two witnesses are coming with the Lord and the souls of those to be raised) that Elijah and Moses will start their ministry BEFORE we are taken home! And guess what? It would be ON the day of PASSOVER, just as the Jews set out an open place at the Passover Seder FOR ELIJAH!

For if we see or hear of the two witnesses being here on earth before we are gone then some may think "Oh no! We've missed the rapture"! What a warning (that of the possibility of the two witnesses showing up on Passover before the living believers are raptured) for the unsaved “foolish virgins” (see Matthew 25:1-2)! Two day warning/window then the Rapture “door” is “shut” on/against the third day!

On Passover the Jews set a full place setting for Elijah, recognizing that Elijah must be sent as the forerunner to the coming of the Messiah! And the youngest Jewish child is sent to the door to see if Elijah (Elias) is there at the door that year.

And this is the DAY (Passover-Nisan 14th) that we believe the first trump sounds as the Lord is here and has brought the two witnesses with Him (Elijah and Moses). The Jews also recognize Elijah as “that prophet” (John 1:21), but the unbelieving Jews do not recognize that Moses was also a forerunner to Christ as the consummate TYPE of the Messiah Himself!

It is quite amazing that the Jews themselves are looking for Elijah ON the day of Passover IN NISAN (of some year) in which he will be the forerunner of Christ's Second Coming! And that their/his ministry for the Second Coming as forerunner will be for 1260 days or 42 months.


Pay close attention to this possibility…


What if we do not (or do?) hear the first trump on that 1st day of Nissan 14, 2011? And then these two witnesses arrive in Jerusalem on Nisan 14th and one of them (Moses) begins to preach the following:


Exodus 19:14-“And Moses went down from the mount unto the people, and sanctified the people; and they washed their clothes. 15And he said unto the people, Be ready against the third day: come not at your wives”.

In effect, the sanctification that Moses preached is the “setting apart” (the preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of Christ); the people washing their clothes and accepting the gospel (tantamount to washing their clothes in the blood of the Lamb)! And then telling them to be ready against the 3rd day and be ready to be seen as a “chaste virgin” to Christ.

Please see the article entitled “What May Happen Shortly Before the Rapture” at for the detailed explanation regarding sanctification, purification, and spiritual chastity as it relates to the Lord presenting to Himself a bride without spot or blemish at the Rapture.

What if we see and hear this happen on Passover of this year (2011)?

We believe that the two witnesses will not be recognized at first. People are going to believe that they are just a pair of religious fanatics claiming to be Old Testament Bible characters. Most will think that these two are simply a couple of old Jewish guys who had too much to drink at their Passover Seder! If they appear before we are raptured and are recognized by some of the true believers, this will cause shock waves in the world-wide Christian community.

They won't have an answer as to why the two witnesses are here and we have not yet been raptured. And if anyone asks for an explanation, they will tell them to go to those that “sell” the "oil"! Please see the parable of the "ten virgins" in Matthew 25:1-12.

Very few, including most true Christians, will recognize or even want to hear what the two witnesses say. And very few people will believe those who do try to warn them of the implications of their arrival! Most (saved and unsaved) will view these two as religious “kooks” and ignore them.

But guess what will happen on that 3rd day when millions of people have vanished and these two are still here and now preaching the full gospel of the coming kingdom? I cannot recall any scripture that says the two witnesses must start their ministry AFTER the resurrection/rapture, do you?

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Kevin Drake