Suzi (9 Apr 2011)
"To Gina re: Earthquakes? End of the world?"

In the article you referenced, they noted that some of the 7+ quakes were 'downgraded' to 6.8s, since they've used the 'yardstick' of a 7 or more as severe. It makes one wonder, especially with the 'cooking the books' over 'man made global warming' what other data is 'fudged'.

The other day, I was feeling the 'woozies' that I do when we have earthquakes. So much so that I was looking them up after having a feeling of my 'head swimming'. There was a good sized one down in Baja (I'm in the Central San Joaquin Valley in CA), then another in SoCal that wasn't as big...then, another again, moving Northward...the 'box' that appears where a quake is located looked like a '4' or so, the 'report' was that a 3.4 was reported..and gave the info of where, how deep, etc. I posted it to Facebook, and even sent a link to online B&SIC...but later, when I went to reference it...the little 'square' remained, but when I clicked on it, there was an error message that there was no info for that area. Later on in the day, even the square was gone. How does an 'earthquake' disappear? I wondered if there had been an explosion that triggered the equipment...or something...but it was still just odd.

I think I would actually be afraid to know what we don't know, ya know? :)



PS: here is the site I look things up on, my daughter put the app on her phone, and she calls it the 'Earthquake game'...whenever she feels dizzy, she checks to see if something pops up!

as of now, this little one was the closest to me:

Shake, rattle & roll!