Mercer (9 Apr 2011)
"Elliot-April 8.........yes, something will happen"

To All
Be very aware of 4-11-11. What will it be? Don't know......but it will something. Will it have to do with His creation?

The fourth day saw the material creation finished (for on the fifth and sixth days it was only the furnishing and peopling of the earth with living creatures). The sun, moon, and stars completed the work, and they were to give light upon the earth which had been created, and to rule over the day and over the night (Genesis 1:14-19).

Four is the number of the great elements—earth, air, fire, and water.

Four are the regions of the earth—north, south, east, and west.

Four are the divisions of the day—morning, noon, evening, and midnight. Or in our Lord's words, when He speaks of His coming at evening, midnight, cock-crowing, or in the morning (Mark 13:35). We are never to put off His coming in our minds beyond tomorrow morning.

Four are the seasons of the year—spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Four are the great variations of the lunar phases.

Dear Doves:
4/11 is 44 by multiply.
44 means Perdition, and Ron figured out 4/11 is 888 days from 11/4/08, the day that "O" was elected.
Could it be a clue that something might happen with the 44th Presidency on 4/11?
At this writing I am very alarmed that there is a new movie coming out about the trial of the murder of Abraham Lincoln :  
Because the 4.4 LA quake occurred at 4:04AM of Nisan 1 and the Resurrection(First fruits)day was 4/4 last year,
I thought April 4 this year( Adar II 29/Nisan 1) could be the day for SD & the Blessed Hope.
Pastor Mike Hoggard mentioned in his video that 3/11 suggests 33 degree and the Japan quake was the definite
sign that AC will rise very soon. Perhaps 4/11 could be the day which will open the door for AC to rise in the near future.
Since the Lord told Amanda "I'll make it obvious," how about this speculation?
2/11 --- Mubarak resigned
3/11 --- Japan quake & tsunami
4/11 --- SD/Departure?......We need to watch 4-29-11. The have switched the space shuttle launch to the very Day Prince William is getting married.......66 years TO THE DATE THAT HITLER MARRIED EVA BRAUN IN 1945 !!!! 66 YEARS....GET THAT?
God forbid they blow up the space shuttle on 4-29-11 as a sort of sacrifice on that day of this occult wedding!!....thoughts of Mercer.....And the fact that one of the astronuts is the HUSBAND of the arizona senator that was shot in the head!!!!
None of that was an accident.
A mind controled (our military) pawn shot her
Don'tbelieve me??.......congressional testimony.... ......testimony of a trained assasin
President Clinton apologizes   Mercer
Again, I don't know the date, just present a possibility.
See you soon,