Mary Anna (9 Apr 2011)
"Kathy (8 Apr 2011)  "Barry & Michael [speaking n tongues"

Thank you, Kathy.......

    I read your letter with a lot of interest since it's been a long time since I exercised my Gift of 'speaking in tongues'.....thinking, dear me, do I still have it?  Deciding it would be a good way to pray for you, found He hadn't let my lack of use in tongues go away.  So, you received 2 prayers, one in English and the other in tongues.  So very glad for your letter Kathy!

Yes, I agree that our Rapture is immanent.
Our Lord Jesus Christ is watching & I'm sure Heaven's Door is Open to receive us now!
You're in our Good Lord's Hands forever, as we all.....
Mary Anna