MathMan (13 Jan 2012)
"Jay's Post - All references back up the FACT that Sudden Destruction is IMMINENT!!  ALSO - Kudos to Jean Stepnoski, Josua, Kevin Heckle, Spoely, Mike Curtiss, Phil, Sherry Vance, Patti C, Clay Cantrell & John Nelson"



 Dear Jay & Doves,


First off, I would like to personally thank Jay for his diligent work on reporting events transpiring in the Middle East.  If you were to watch the Main Stream Media (MSM), you would think that all is well.  For those who haven’t already done so, you simply must check out these headlines from Israel’s newspapers and DEBKA as summarized in Jay’s informative post (it certainly appears the dangers to Israel in the Middle East are being blacked out by Obama and his henchmen, the MSM):


It is not hard to notice that the MSM here in North America (not sure about Europe) is pretty well silent on these MASSIVE threats to peace!!  After you read these headlines, I cannot see how anyone cannot agree that Sudden Destruction must be just around the corner (January 28th to be precise) AND that it will catch almost everyone unaware!!  Don’t forget that China has already said that they would defend Iran to their greatest ability, INCLUDING invoking WWIII if necessary.  This isn’t a movie, my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, this is REAL LIFE!!


However, do not blame the MSM, you can also look to God, for this was foretold as the way it was to be.  In other words, the media silence is to be expected, for the Bible prophesied that it MUST be this way right until the Rapture:


1 Thessalonians 5:3:  “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”


Thank the Lord that He will pluck us off this earth JUST BEFORE the very first nuke explodes.  This, along with our departure, will jolt the slumbering world into a nightmare that won’t end for 1335 days!!




I SIMPLY CANNOT GET OVER THE NUMBER OF QUALITY POSTS ON FIVE DOVES YESTERDAY!!!!!  I simply had to write messages to each of the following people:


Jean Stepnoski:  Your post on the relationship between King Herod, his inglorious end and abortion was BEAUTIFULLY and BRILLIANTLY written.  Well done!! (


Josua:  Your post with insights and thoughts were well thought out and precise – well done!! (


Kevin Heckle:  Your post on the beautiful tie in to the number 7 in the Book of Daniel was brilliant.  Sadly, I’ve come to expect no less from you (sorry! J)  (


Spoely:  It is awesome that you took the time to verify the final warning, contacting DEFCON to verify!!  You are an excellent servant of the Lord!! (


Mike Curtiss:  Fantastically interesting article on Russia’s lust for a warm water port!!  Well articulated!!  (


Phil:  Excellent mathematical observations on the 3pm January 8th Final Warning timing from DEFCON!!  It is all tying in beautifully to January 28th, is it not??  (


Sherry Vance:  Your Biblical proof that there is no need for a physical Temple during the Great Tribulation was brilliant and well articulated.  Well done!!  (


Patti C:  Your article on Obama’s covenant was extremely well put.  It definitely ties in beautifully with Sherry Vance’s excellently written article!! (  I also loved your other post on some interesting math on other earth events: (


Clay Cantrell:  Excellent posts as per usual.  However, I am not sure why you said, “I do have to admit that I have a serious problem with End Time scenarios that use NWO theories as a major component” (  The Bible is THE major component in Ron Reese’s January 28th timeline, not NWO Theories.  This Biblical timeline is merely UNDERLINED with the fact that NWO Theories “just happen” to converge on this timing, as it HAD to (it is SUDDEN AND UNEXPECTED DESTRUCTION, is it not?).  The fact that January 28, 2012 is ALSO a HIGHLY Bibliical date was not mentioned by you, painting an unfair picture of the full story.  For your, and others, information, the Biblical date calculations related to January 28th, which are THE most important ones, as well as the NWO date calculations, are all listed as follows (there are 20 of them altogether)!! (


John Nelson:  I agree with you that President Obama is the Anti-Christ (  Indeed, as I have shown in a previous post, the probability is over 150 million TRILLION to one that he is the Anti-Christ, the perfect chameleon sent at the right time to deceive this fallen world (


As always, to God be ALL the glory!!!  He is at the door!!  Maranatha!!


YbiC, MathMan