Jean Stepnoski (12 Jan 2012)
"King Herod and The Slaughter of The Innocents"

Dear Doves,
      Recently I have written about marital hypocrisy and fraudulent family values indicating spiritual deception. The month we can reflect upon spiritual values concerning the value of a life and a when life begins, at conception or at birth. The Scriptures are clear that each human life is important and worthy of defending, of safeguarding. The Scriptures are also clear that life begins at conception, before birth. Can there be spiritual deception with these issues?
      There is an infamous event associated with King Herod. It was The Slaughter of the Innocents at Bethlehem. Under his authority and command, men were sent to Bethlehem to kill all boys under the age of two. Herod had learned from the Magi about the birth of an important new king at Bethlehem. King Herod would not tolerate the existence of a rival king, even if the boy was newborn, infant, or toddler under two years of age. This is a shocking story about egomania, competition, paranoia, resentment, cruelty, cleverness, infanticide, mass murder, and searing grief. What did it avail King Herod, the carnage and murder? The one he sent his henchmen murderers to single out to kill among all, is the boy who escaped his malice, murderous intent, evil and wickedness! The parents and child escaped to Egypt and returned when Herod died. Herod had a bad end. His henchmen had used their sharpened swords and knives to stab children to death. This infamous King Herod died of complications with his bowels, his guts. He had an obstruction and suffered great pain. Poetic justice?
      In our times there is a form of what some may consider infanticide, the slaughter of the innocents. This medical procedure is called abortion. When is human life most fragile, innocent, and defenseless? Is it when a fetus is in utero? Some people think that abortion is about non viable fetal tissues. Others believe it is about human life. Part of the "social values" of politicians running for elective office is how they relate to this issue as pro life, pro choice, or pro abortion. Many people are being asked about their values and priorities as they have voted in the Republican contests in Iowa or New Hampshire. Soon they will be asked the same questions in South Carolina, then other states. What are some concerns? Some of them include the following: the economy, the national debt, unemployment, and health care. What people value The Scriptures and Messiah/Christ in making decisions about who they will be supporting, giving money, and for whom they will be casting their votes? Is Christ taking notice of each person and his or her choices? I believe that He is and that He will Remember. Before The Blessed Hope, these may be final tests. Important values to Him are spiritual as well as economic and political.
      What do these issues, the values of a life, life beginning at conception, faith in Messiah/Christ, and trust in The Scriptures have to do with Tim Tebow? The presence of the life of Christ shines forth from this man, in his being, his life, his values, what he says, and what he does. Among other things Tim is A LIVING REBUKE to abortion. Christ said about Himself that He came to bring a sword, not peace (shalom). We are attracted to Christ and Love Him or we Hate Him. He invited the fervor and passion of the committed, the responses to Him are extreme and powerful rather than tepid. We live for Him or we flee or hate Him. Consider the responses to Tim Tebow. Tim's mother refused to go along with the opinions and values of those, the experts, who told her repeatedly to have an abortion. In 1987, Tim Tebow was not part of what some would describe as The Slaughter of The Innocents in our times. This TRUTH is part of the value and witness and purpose of his existence, his very life. Some politicians are like King Herod, they do not value the lives of young children or those in utero. Christ is very aware of our values concerning the value of a single life, developing in the womb or later. Are individuals who defend and value abortion, completely unrestricted and taxpayer funded (state or national), those alive in the life, presence, and values of Christ? When is it ethically and morally correct to force anyone to pay for the abortions of others? Abba Father, Messiah/Christ, and the Spirit of Truth are never deceived or fooled concerning Their TRUTH about the value of each human life after birth and the value of each human life in utero . These values and our choices concerning them are currently being chosen by billions as we draw ever closer to Eternity. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,