Patti C (12 Jan 2012)
"Obama's Covenant"

Obama’s Covenant with many includes Israel.
Obama’s covenant with many, especially Israel, happened when he became President of the United States; because every president, before him, has pledged to support Israel (mainly because most of the wealth and therefore power is held by the so called Zionist Jews (NWO) in this country and all over the world).  Obama will break that Presidential covenant exactly 3 and one half years into his Presidency….that he made on October 29, 2008 to the entire world.  April 11, 2012 sure looks good as the time!! (Ron and fellow doves you are amazing!!) Will his abomination include both Jerusalem and Washington DC?  Both may be considered as “holy places”…one is God’s and the other is the NWO’s.
He is a fake President in that he was not eligible due to his birth, and he will become the fake Christ, too!!!

Putting all this together sure is beginning to make it look simple…simple enough for a child to understand? 

Yet, only thanks to all the incredibly intelligent and gifted watchers is this becoming the case.  And, this could only come about by the virgins with the knowledge of the Holy Spirit….not just the anointing as so well explained by in an awesome post 1/10 by  Barry Amundsen (10 Jan 2012)
"Josua, I agree with you about what the oil is and is not."
….that really was the best explanation of the 10 virgins I have ever heard and sure rang true in my heart!!! Thanks to both of you!!!!

It certainly is the second joy that the Lord speaks about, the first being the anointing when we are baptized by fire and receive the Holy Spirit, and then the second joy when we learn and see all the Holy Spirit has to show us in God’s Holy Word…the joy that confirms our faith and gives us the extra oil we need until we are with Him again.  Beautiful!!!!

This is all so very exciting and important, as we share these amazing posts with our friends and family who may not understand these things.  Bless you all for helping me help my loved ones!!!
Any day now!!!

Patti. C.