Kevin Heckle (12 Jan 2012)
"RE: Charles Landis - Daniel's 7's"

There are definitely seven's inherent in Daniel's numbers.  Whether it is his 'heptad' of weeks, the 70, or Daniel's 1260+1290+1335. Doubling this value (1260+1290+1335) x 2 = 7770.  Its been a while, but not counting ordinals, I believe all the numbers in the book of Daniel add to either 7770 or 7777.  It takes a long time to go through the passages and I used to have the spreadsheet, but cannot find it.  I'm pretty sure though it was a correct accounting of all the values in Daniel (except ordinal words like 'first'). 

I also think that it is pretty neat that the total (3885) when divided by 5 = 777 and vice versa, when divided by 7 = 555.

Kevin H.