Josua (15 March 2011)
"777 Rapture / Barley / Firstfruits - BE READY!"

Dear Robert, Kevin & all Doves

Roberts post
is an incredibly confirmation for me!

I hesitated to post this, because I am very sceptical about personal 'signs'.

Anyways, this is what happened to me:

The day after I read Kevins post from early March 2011
I went for a walk. I was heavily thinking about this 'Firstfruits' and
'Barley' topic. While walking and praying, I could not resist
analysing each single number plate of parking cars (somehow it became
a habit since I read that other doves do that too). After only a few
cars, one number plate jumped to my eyes: "FR UX 777". (Note: it was
the ONLY German car, all other cars were from Switzerland and have
another sequence of Letters and Numbers). First I was truly amazed by
the fact that I saw a 777 number plate - I NEVER saw it before.
Second, a few steps later I suddenly realized and was OVERWHELMED by
the fact that 'FR UX' sounds like 'FRUITS'. What are the odds for
seeing a number plate 'FRUTS 777' just at the very moment when you
pray about the topic of FirstFruits? I was truly shocked.

Ironically, I have written posts in the past pointing out that it is
dangerous to take such signs too serious due to simple statistics. I
wonder if God in his humour wants to prove me wrong, as done many
times before? In any case, as you can imagine I truly could not forget
about 'Firstfruits' and 'Barley' since then.

Now the next thing I dealt with was to make a decision about the
timing of FirstFruits. Is it March
( or April (standard Jewish
calendar, aka Hillel II Calendar). After some considerations, I
decided for Hillel II. I even wrote a post about this just a few days
ago, expressing my frustration about not really knowing which calendar
to be the correct one. Two days ago, suddenly received the number 81
(again in an extremely convincing way for myself, but this is another
story). I really did not understand what God want's to tell me with
81. As I had no idea what to do with 81, I finally counted 81 days of
2011 (starting at the 1st of Jan). I was again truly shocked/touched
when I arrived exactly at 22. March 2011, the suggested Bikkurim
(First Fruits, Omer offering) date according to,
exactly 1 day after the spring equinox.

I saw the rapture happen around a Fullmoon in a dream:

Reading about the 777th moon this month, SuperMoon, together with all
other infos (riots in North Africa + Dr. Owuor, Japan quake +
tsunami...) truly puts me down on my knees now.
Although there was much excitement about all kind of rapture scenarios
since Rosh Hashanah 2010, this one (First Fruits Barley 2011) somehow
feels much different to me.

It feels very severe.
Watch and Pray!

Love to all Doves out there, YBIC, Josua