Robert Rose (14 March 2011)
"777 Rapture...It Is Done?"

Some Hope for everyone…


Everyone knows 777 is God’s number of Completion and Israel is God’s time clock.


777 Moons (months) from May 14/15, 1948 was exactly when the 8.9 earthquake struck in Japan. I must emphasize…EXACTLY to the day of the Lunar Phase.


777 Full Moons from May 14, 1948 is this next Full moon/Equinox, which people are calling a “SUPER MOON”.


777 Moons from May 14, 1948 lands us to this month, which is the LAST MONTH until the New Year (NISAN), making 777 actually mean “it is complete” or 777 (Rapture followed by Chaos / Daniel’s 70th week begins)?


Can this 777th moon from Israel’s birth be our last Lunation or Month before the Church is taken out, assuming that Israel is God’s Time Clock for the world and 777 Means Completion?


Does anyone else have something of significance to add to this?


-Robert Rose