Josua (4 Nov 2010)
"Re: Simon, Today's Moon Dream"

Re: Simon, Today's Moon Dream

Your dream reminds me of a dream I had the 11th Sept. Before sharing,
I have to add that I saw much evidence for the rapture during Rosh
Hashana and have therefore been thinking a lot about it anyways during
that time. I don't know if this partially caused the dream or not.

In the dream it I was standing outside and was talking to 2
unbelievers. At some point we loooked up at the moon and we suddenly
saw a second object (from south-east) of similar size. The moon and
that second object were on a perfect collision course (with only about
7 seconds left till collision). Then even a third (a bit smaller)
object appeared at nord-east, also on a perfect track to a
simultaneous collision. While the others got scared I started to
praise the Lord in a loud voice. When the collision of the 3 objects
happened, it resulted in many small lights, most of them aligned
together like rays around the collision center. They sparkled more and
more in all colors and became bigger and bigger. I thought that this
is truly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and was sure that
this IS the rapture! When I was completely surrounded by the lights, I
woke up.
I did not know what to do with that dream and I don't dare to label it
as a divine inspiration. However, it is interesting to hear about
similar dreams.