Kevin (3 March 2011)
"Is Passover and First Fruits in March or April?"

John and Doves,

I have read some excellent studies from my friend Corey(CJ) lately concerning a First Fruits rapture. Here is one of the studies:

Now, depending on which calendar you look at, First Fruits(when Jesus rose from the grave) happens on either March 22nd/23rd or April 21st/22nd. The Rabbinical calendar, which was created sometime way after the Diaspora, shows the month of Nisan starting on April 5th. Passover starts on the 18th of April, with First Fruits on April 21st/22nd. Here is a link to see the Rabbinical calendar:

The Creation calendar, which is the calendar used in biblical times, including the time of Jesus's ministry, shows the month of Nisan starting on the 6th/7th of March. Passover begins on March 19th/20th, and First Fruits is on March 22nd/23rd. The link to this calendar is:

The reason for the difference between both calendars is that the Rabbinical calendar adds Adar II this year, which is the 13th month. On the Creation calendar, Nisan occurs at the same time as Adar II on the Rabbinical calendar.
Which calendar will God use, when it comes to time for the rapture to occur? My vote is for the Creation calendar, but we will have to wait and see. See you in the air soon!

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