Pineman (26 Jan 2012)
"Date of the Tribulation Temple Dedication Triangulated"

Dear John & Fellow Watchers:

Consider that the Dedication of the Tribulation Temple will be on May 15, 2013. This is Sivan 6 on the Jewish Calendar; Pentecost. Consider also that 2300 days later is Elul 1, 2019. Elul 1 begins the season of repentance culminating in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ during the 5780 holidays that trigger the first year of the Millennium. Consider also that May 15, 2013 is 7 months after THE CONFIRMATION on Tishri 22, 2012. If you want exactness than I would say that the cleanup operation (from WW3, Ezekiel?) as well as the Temple construction will commence on the Rosh Chodesh for Cheshvan 1, 2012. Exactly 210 days later is May 15, 2013.


PS: If you would like to investigate the time-line for other possible "synchronicities" that the above analysis is a part of then click these 2 links: 2012 Calendar & Daniel's 70th Week