Steven Edel (25 Jan 2012)
"To: Michael Westphall and others who don't believe we are in the tribulation..."

"According To Ezekiel 38/39, Israel To Be Burying Russians For 7 Months To Cleanse Land;

 How Does That Fit In The Timeline Per Ron Reese And Others??"


Michael I understand your confusion and it is understandable – as we are NOT in the tribulation (yet).

Here is a communication I recently had with a local Messianic Rabbi…


 The number and timing of these wars is most difficult to discern and I don’t suppose to be any kind of authority.

The news of the Middle East certainly seems to indicate Russia and Iran, et al coming against Israel, soon. The one thing that keeps me from seeing Ezekiel 38 as imminent is the 11th verse; by no stretch of my imagination do I see Israel as dwelling safely.

So, working backward, what could make Israel feel she is dwelling safely? A peace treaty.

Israel greatly desires a workable peace treaty but her neighbors do not. What would make them want to sign a peace treaty?

Syria is the proxy of Iran of the Shia branch of Islam. There appears to be a coalition forming between Israel, the West and the Sunni branch vs. the Shia.

Bashar al-Assad, in order to stay in power may well provoke Israel with an attack, particularly now that Russia has war ships off her coast. It is known that he has chemical/biologicals and in fact recently received a large shipment of gas masks from Russia.

If he resorts to using them, as he has indicated, then I feel assured Israel will fulfill Isaiah 17, as she has indicated.

This would draw into the battle all of Israel’s surrounding neighbors bringing about the Psalm 83/ Obadiah war.

Israel does suffer in this war somewhat, primarily in the north, but nothing compared to Syria and Egypt – both of which are radioactive now and neither mentioned in Ezekiel 38.

Israel’s enemies have no desire to sign a peace treaty if they are driving Israel into the sea, not if they are winning. But if they are losing – now they of course will want peace.

Scripture describes it as confirming the covenant, not a covenant.

I believe this covenant to be the Abrahamic covenant – the land covenant.

This is how Israel may be dwelling safely in the land. This is also what makes possible the construction of the 3rd Temple … so that it may later be desecrated and at some later point, bring about Ezekiel 38, which may or may not be the battle of Armageddon.

With all that's building in the Middle East I have a growing belief that it is the Isaiah 17/Psalm 83 war that is soon to occur, Damascus being the trigger.

One can’t be adamant but it may be that the Ezekiel 38 war and the Battle of Armageddon are one and the same.

It is my understanding that the nations mentioned in Isaiah and Psalms are not mentioned in the Battle of Armageddon, and for good reason.

The seven month clean-up and the seven years of burning of the weapons, time wise, would better fit at the end of the tribulation than before it.


Simply for consideration, thank you for reading.

Sha'alu Shalom Yerushalayim …


Palm Harbor, FLA