MathMan (25 Jan 2012)
"7 Months to cleanse land vs Ron Reese Timeline"


Hi Michael,
You questioned how the Jews will be able to cleanse the land for 7 months if they will be too busy fleeing the Anti-Christ.  You felt that this conundrum may make Ron Reese's timeline difficult to comprehend or to even be infeasible.
There is a simple explanation.  The Jews will be FORCED by the Anti-Christ to clean the land.  Once complete, THEN the Anti-Christ will have them all killed!!  Only the 1/3rd wise enough to flee into the wilderness will survive and will not be working on this task!!  This is similar to the Nazis making the Jews work themselves almost to death, then making sure they finish the job with the gas chamber.
Hope this helps!!
YbiC, MathMan