Ray Walter (24 Jan 2012)
"The International Harvesters That Pointed to 2012 And Bob Wares Two Dreams In One Night"

Bob Ware's two dreams post on 1/23/2012 included a crop harvester in the first dream and balls of light plus a harvest of a green crop like tall grass in the second dream.

I had previously written about International Harvester combines used for grain harvest that pointed to the number 2012.

What recently occurred to me was that I also harvest alfalfa (a crop cut green like tall grass) with two International Harvester tractors that have some very interesting numbers relating to light!
The speed of light is considered to be 186,000 miles per second.
The International Harvester tractor that I cut alfalfa with is a 1086. The International Harvester tractor that I bale alfalfa with is a 186.

Thanks to the amazing work of Bonnie Gaunt we can learn more about 186.
The gematria for Golgatha is 186.
If you divide 186 by phi (.618) you get 301 which is the gematria for calvary.
99% of the earth's crust is made up of 12 elements that add up to 186.
Jehova is my rock = 186.
His work = 186.
The day of conclusion = 186.
And there shall be no more curse = 186. (Rev 22:3)
Lets mix them up.
618 = The Lord shall be king over all the earth. (Zechariah 14:9)
816 = His dominion.
1680 = Christ.
10608 = And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. ( Rev 22:1)
So it links to 1776 through the river of life.
River of life = 1776
Resurrection, life =1776 (John 11:25)
And they shall call you the city of Jehovah, the Zion of the Holy One of Israel. = 1776 (Isa 60:14)
To give them as the days of the heavens on earth. = 1776 (Deut 11:21) Part of the Mezuzah.
I am the root and offspring of David = 1776.
Lord of the Sabbath = 1776.

1776 links Israel to America.

When Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto reached the Mississippi River in 1541 he named it Rio del Espiritu Santo or River Of The Holy Spirit.

The Mississippi River starts at Lake Itasca in Minnesota.
Itasca is a compound word from latin veritas (truth) and caput (head). The true head of the River Of The Holy Spirit. Lake Itasca is located in the Mesabi Iron Range where hematite was discovered in 1866.
Iron is element 26 and 26 is the gemetria for Yaweh.

The United States is the nation of the double portion having doubled its territory in one day with the Louisiana purchase.

From the beginning of Israel's captivity in 745BC to the American Revolution in 1776 is 2520 years.