Bob Ware (23 Jan 2012)
"Two rapture dreams in one night"

On the third anniversary of Obama's Inauguration (1.20.2012) I had two dreams about the rapture:
the first dream:
I saw a large solid cross resting on the eastern horizon line. It looked like polished granite. The center of the cross bars were dark and shining. The border of the cross was a light gray and it also was shining. A ribbon of clouds stretched from the top of the cross all the way to the western horizon where it came down to rest on a large piece of farm equipment that was heading west. In my dream I recognized it as a 'harvester' used to literally harvest the crops. I recognized what it was and I was confirmed in my dream that it was a 'harvester'.
There were several friends and strangers standing in a place east of my position where they could not see the cross. I motioned to them to come towards me where they could see what I could see. At first just a few came towards me then several more began to hurry towards me when they could see how excited I was.
the second dream:
I was resting on the bed in the room where I was born again. I looked out the window towards the west and saw another ribbon of clouds pointing up towards the Sun. My Christian nephew had just arrived from work with two of his fellow workers. I yelled to him to look up. Where the ribbon of clouds was closest to us it began to divide into several strands with balls of light at the ends closest to the earth. Later I saw these balls of light as those who were being raptured.
In this second dream my nephew was wearing a short sleeve 'T' shirt which told me that the rapture would occur during a warm sunny day (probably not in the winter). Also, the crops where being harvested. I also remember the crop field being harvested was green. It looked like tall grass.