RWAL (17 Feb 2011)
"Update On Harvester Post"

Hi John,
I have an update to my post on the harvester numbers from 31 Dec 2010.
The three harvesters were numbered 1440, 1460 and 1480.
1440 minutes in a day is also Greek number for "believers".
1460 Greek number for "Heavenly Father" and Hebrew number for "a precious cornerstone a sure foundation" Isa 28:16
1480 Greek number for Christ.


2368 Greek number for Jesus Christ.

In Gematria it is common to drop a zero.
146 Hebrew for "The glory of the lord shall be revealed," Isa 40:5

The next upgrade in harvesters had the numbers 1640, 1660 and 1680. After that they became 1644, 1666 and 1688.
I am still researching the newer models but have found a few things.

Equatorial circumference 24,900 miles. 24,900 divided by 15 = 1660 miles or 15 degrees of longitude is the amount of earth that passes the sun in one hour.
1660 Greek number for "I lay in Zion a stone," 1Peter 2:6
166 Hebrew for "Jehovah shall be King" Zech 14:9 also "the face of Jehovah" will be turned toward all mankind. Deut. 31:11 and His name "the most high" (166 )will then be known by all men
also "behold your God" (166) Isa 40:9

Since mankind seems to be divided into three crops specifically barley, wheat and grapes that ripen in that order I believe much can be learned by studying the harvest of the crops.
Perhaps these numbers of our harvesters here on earth are providing a double witness to things going on in heaven.



There is one more thing I need to mention about the harvesters. While those living in farm country may know about the red and green machines
I need to point out to others that the color of the IH and Case IH harvesters that I am referring to is red.
This is important because of Christ's second coming associated with a garment dipped in blood.
The two dove sacrifice where the first was killed and the second dipped in its blood and released portrayed this.
Also Joseph as a type of Christ had his coat of many colors dipped in blood.