Paul Wilson (19 Jan 2012)
"RE: mathman"

Please look at my latest numbers here: the extra 220 million could encompass miscarriages and still give some more room for tribulation saints and/or dead saints. If it was 24 levels it would be 23 private with 10,343,596,800 at 2.5 acres and a 24th level of 1,024,144,000 acres for public including God’s throne in a pyramid shape and 11,700,633,600 people and a 24th level of 1,218,816,000 in a cube. using your upper of 8 Billion for a pyramid people could have a average of 2.97 acres in 23 levels the 24th level being the same and in a cube people could have a average of 3.5 acres in 23 levels with the 24th being the same. 12 levels seems to fit the overall 12 theme in the NJ. Obviously if you change the average acreage you change the population numbers. ang grace is the unknown variable.

Hi Paul,

Your New Jerusalem Population Estimates were very interesting and mostly matched my estimates (which I have never published):

However, I calculated a wider range of 4 billion to 8 billion, which contains and verifies your calculations. My wide range is due to the fact that I just found it impossible to know to what extent the grace of the Lord will encompass.

The only improvement I would suggest to your estimates is to perhaps add some more children into the mix in order to take into account miscarriages. My wife had several miscarriages between the births of our two children and I REALLY look forward to meeting them soon!! As a matter of fact, I have twice the number of kids waiting for me in heaven (four miscarriages) than the two that I have here on earth!! Obviously, our situation is unique, but I am sure there are MANY others with similar experiences. Just to make sure you know this, I thought you did a great job with your estimates, so please take my comments as a compliment!!