Paul Wilson (17 Jan 2012)
"how is this for public and private NJ?"

Since 12 is a number God uses often I decided to look at what if the NJ has 12 levels? if the first 11 were private levels i.e. houses then the twelfth was public (parks, shops, etc.) and also had God’s throne room then it would seen using a pyramid design and a 5 mil sky between each level that there is room for 5,170,361,600 people with a average of 2.5 acres each, more with fewer people, and leaves 1,123,600,000 acres on the twelfth level for public stuff including the throne room. using a cube design there would be 5,362,790,400 people with a average of 2.5 acres each with a twelfth level having 1,218,816,000 acres.
I think having 12 levels and him being on the 12th would make a lot of sense. Especially with the other 12’s in the NJ.