Paul Wilson (16 Jan 2012)
"about my NJ pop estemate"

I have some numbers here and would like your opinion on if I am underestimating or overestimating. these are worldwide numbers. aborted #'s count not just physical abortions but morning after pill type aborts and birth control prevents (the egg was fertilized thus a life created but the BC prevented implantation causing death). kids I am am counting would be under the age of accountability so basically <13. there will be overlap between the kids and christians numbers as christian kids are counted in the christian totals worldwide.

1.50 billion kids raptured (might be under as #'s only given for <15, just the % actually which is 27, that # is 1.89 for 7 Bill )
1.50 billion kids aborted (already in heaven)
600 million dead since creation (I could be over estimating here)
800 million tribulation saints (I could be over here too)
550 million Christians raptured (25% of all those called christian)(probably over)(overlap?)
4.95 billion total NJ population