Watcher Woman (7 Feb 2012)
"To Frank (and others)  from Watcher Woman" 

    Bless you for that!!!!  I know the Lord had to have put that on your heart to do so.
Because while I was so touched by the three responses to my Kid stories, that one
just made me shake my head and go, What?!!  That's ridiculous!!!!  I couldn't understand
how that person could even misunderstand what I was sharing at all. I certainly do not exaggerate
or put the child in place of God. Heaven forbid.  He is a completely normal child in all respects
but has these outstanding aspects to his personality that everyone notices, not just me. Believe me, 
it takes a lot to impress me and he impresses me. He has his faults: he only wants to eat cheese and bananas
and one time he told his Dad that no, he hadn't been jumping on the bed, that it had been

He loves super heroes but he knows that Jesus is the only true and living Super Hero and he can't wait to
see Him coming down through the clouds. That pic you included looks so much like him that it made me laugh.
Thank you so much for that!!!

The other day he told me that my house was so cool that he thought someday someone would come along and
put a sign on my house that says: FIRST PRIZE.  !!!!!  Isn't that precious?

Please pray for his mother's mother June who has cancer in her body from her brain to her stomach and all in between.
We are asking God for a miracle. She's too young to die like this. This is exactly the same types of cancer that killed
my brother recently as read about in my first post. (The one that Baby wanted to raise from the dead.)

Just out of curiosity, has anyone else here ever prayed for someone to be brought back from death? I had almost
forgotten but years ago I did just that. (at a Funeral Home, in front of mourners!!!!) 
 It didn't happen but I did it out of obedience ( a long story there)   and truly believed that it would
happen. Perhaps it was just a test run, I don't know, haha but maybe that's where this child gets his boldness.......
(by the way, he has just recently started going to church so it's not as though he has been taught all this stuff)

So anyway, thank you all for your comments. They meant a lot to me. You know, I have been reading fivedoves
for many years and consider it a major part of my life. But I really miss a lot of the readers who are no longer here.
I really respect the scholars who know all this math and calculations and what not but it's just over my head. What I
love are the human interest stories where people share real dreams and visions and practical applications of their faith
and how it all ties in together and how we all are working out our "soul's salvation" on a daily basis with one another's
wisdom and experience. That's what I love.   I love reading anything Nichole posts. Her passion always gets me
fired up. Rowina's vast knowledge and wisdom amazes me. She is like a super hero to me in that she has lived through
so many unbelievably hard things and is still standing. Mary Adams always amazes me and I wish she'd share more.

I miss Suzi and Fancy Jo and so many more. I still love everyone who is still around. I hate it when people fight but am
always pleased when the battles finally simmer down and everyone comes into agreement about the things that really matter.
Everything else but Jesus is what I call "icing on the cake."  The best thing about fivedoves is that you get information here
that you can't get anywhere else and you can do your own research and make new discoveries and get revelations on things
that you hadn't understood before.  I love how everyone has their own God given pieces of the puzzle and how one day
it will all come together! And before I forget, it was the wonderful and brilliant Marilyn Agee that led me here years ago.
God supernaturally led me to one of her books and that started this whole journey for me. God bless you, Marilyn. You are
truly one of my super heroes of the faith!!!

In closing, let me say this. Years ago, I was given a vision of the rapture and sudden disasters, long before I had read or heard
any of these other accounts and that vision has been supplemented and confirmed by many of yours as well as Perry Stone's.
Starting in Chicago.............CHICAGO.......five Major catastrophes  all across America, one right after another. Explosions,
planes running into suburbs, fires, crashes, horrible things going straight to the West Coast and then Nuclear Missiles coming from 
the North out of (I guess, Alaska, Russia....???) In the vision, it was night time and not really cold. And in between the Boom and 
the Flash of the nuclear explosions, the  RAPTURE.....and we were flying through the air straight up, scared at first and then, 
pure JOY knowing we were going to Jesus!!!! Going home!!!!!  I can't wait to go back to Heaven!!!

   In May of last year, I had another vision and I saw so many incredible things. But the most important thing was the
"knowing" that all that I saw in the Spirit was just minutes away in His timing. Okay, I'd better shut this down or I'll be
writing all night. lol  Thank you and God bless you all. See you soon in that Golden City................

Watcher Woman 

Part One of My Amazing little Preacher Boy 

Part Two of My Amazing little Preacher Boy

from January 27th 

and many many MANY blessings on you John, for all you do and for the lifeline
you provide for us in the Watching remnant...........believe me, it can be lonely out here
when everyone else thinks you're Nuts!!!!!!

(hang in there, Charles!!!)  Smile
Sometimes I am wondering whether I am NUTS!

Nice birds.