Watcher Woman (27 Jan 2012)
"My amazing little preacher boy, PART TWO  (his recent dream)"

Dear Doves:

    I gave you the back story in the previous post so you would know how incredible this dream is to me and
to help you understand how much I would appreciate your prayers for this child.

A couple of weeks ago, I picked him up from preschool and kept him for a while and when I took him home
his dad came out to the car to get him and say goodnight and as he was going into the house, my son said to his son,
Did you tell her about your dream? (Cause he knows how big I am on dreams and visions and interpretations
and so forth and always tells me his dreams so I can tell him what they mean.) So I was excited and I said, Yeah, tell me!
I didn't really know the baby had dreams or anything and thought it was going to be something about bunny rabbits
or what not........

And he says, Yeah, I gotta tell you about my nightmare!!!  And I said, Oh, no, not a nightmare!!!
 And he gets all animated and starts setting up the scene like a movie producer, lol
Now keep in mind, I have never told him anything about my dreams or anything like that or let him know
my concerns about him and water.............

So the first thing out of his mouth was:  I was up on these Big rocks and I fell!    Down into the water!!!!  Like a river!!!!
(And my heart jumped up into my throat, let me tell you!!! I was holding my breath!
The rest of it, I will paraphrase to save time................

He was in the water, yelling for help and then saw that there was a shark! He was so scared. Then he said he went into
(his words) Fighting Mode...(!!) He began to kick and punch and fight with all his might and he beat up the shark!
Then an inky squid came and swallowed him! And he was inside the squid fighting and kicking and punching and he
got out of the squid! The he was "eaten" by an 8 legged creature (octopus, obviously) and he was inside it and he
fought and fought and kicked and got out of the octopus!  And he was still in the water screaming for help
and all of a sudden, he sees JESUS coming down from the sky on a "white fluffy cloud thing" (his words) and He
had angels with Him.  So Baby says, Jesus save me! And Jesus puts out His hands and says, Rise!

By this time, I was just all over myself with joy as I sat in the car listening to him tell this dream and I said to him,
What did Jesus look like? And he said, You know what Jesus looks like!!! And I said, Yes, I do (cause I have
actually seen Jesus face to face) But I want to know what He looked like to you!  And he thinks for a minute, like
he's trying to find the words, and he says, He looked.....looked....normal.   And we all laughed. I said, Oh, normal, huh?
Like a normal man, you mean? and he says, yeah. So I asked him about the angels and he said they were real bright
and wearing white colors and had wings.

So I told him and my son, well, I don't think that was a nightmare at all. I think that was a WONDERFUL dream!
I think you faced a lot of Challenges and you came out Victorious!!! And Jesus came to rescue you!!!

So that's the dream. And I have to tell you, I do feel like the Lord was telling me that this assignment against him is Broken
and that he will NOT drown in water and that he will live and preach and "fly up to be with Jesus."

Now whether this is prophetic for the rest of us, I don't know.  I think so. I think there's a lot to this dream we can all gleam from
but I've wanted to share this ever since I first heard it and now I have. I hope you are as blessed by it as I was
but please keep him and my family in your prayers. We have been through so much and need so  much family restoration
as I know a lot of you do also. I read fivedoves all the time and pray for you and suffer with you and rejoice with you
and am so looking forward to Jesus coming and taking us all home. It cannot come soon enough for me!!!!
Let this little five yr old's dream and story give you comfort and encouragement.  These little ones are so amazing!!
I love to read your letters in which little kids are hearing from the Lord..............

 Bless you all,


(and yes, Heaven is So real!!!!)