Watcher Woman (27 Jan 2012)
"My amazing little preacher boy!  (Please read and pray for him )  PART ONE"


Hello Beloved Doves All Over the world!

   Just wanted to share something that I thought you'd all find interesting.

My son's little boy is incredibly special in more ways than I could ever explain. Sometimes I find myself asking him:
What planet are you from??!!!  Because he is just so unique and super intelligent and very spiritual. I always knew
God had a special plan for him even before he was born. In fact, I knew he was going to be born before his parents did
and they had almost given up on having children.  I was led to buy a little suit and hang it in my closet until the time
was right. Several years later, I took it out and gave it to the kids and they said, What is this?  And I said, It's for your son
who's on his way. A few months later.....guess what? haha

    From his birth, I began to have these horrible nightmares which I rebuked and rebuked and prayed about. I knew they were
showing me some kind of demonic assignment against this child and I have to tell you they terrified me. I won't go into detail
but I will say that all of them involved him as an infant and as a toddler being swept away in rivers and rushing waters and me
standing there watching him going down that river right before my eyes and there was nothing I could do about it.

In the last one, he was driving across a long wooden swinging bridge across a deep, deep gorge with a river running through it.
 It looked like a scene out of an Indiana Jones movie. It was so real, it's like it was really happening.
 When I say driving, he was in a little black plastic toy car like the toddlers all like to play in.
 I was watching from above as he peddled across this rickety old bridge from west to east and all of a sudden he steered the toy car
sharply to the left and went over the side of the bridge and down, down, down into the rushing water.  I woke myself up screaming.

 Needless to say, I have always been nervous about him being around water and warned his parents
to keep a sharp eye on him as he loves water and always has. When he was about two or maybe younger,  I had a very vivid
dream in which the little fella was standing there looking very serious, holding a Bible and with his little finger pointed,
and he was preaching....and saying: But the Bible says...!!!!!! And I was so amazed at hearing this commanding voice coming
out of this baby and I told the kids later that this boy was called to preach!

Over the years, he has consistently amazed us with the stuff he comes out with. Things he couldn't possibly know but he does.
For instance, he was just a year old when I moved to a new place and doesn't remember the old place at all of course and one
day we were in the swimming pool and he said, This is pool number 4. And I said, What are you talking about?! And he repeated
it and I had no idea what he was saying and then it hit me! The pool we were in was my 4th  pool, indeed!!  One time when he was tiny,
the phone rang and I said in front of a room full of people, I wonder who that could be? And he said, very matter of factly,
That's Aunt------! And it was! Calling out of the blue!  

    He's always talking about Jesus and angels and asking questions and wanting to lay hands on people and pray for them.
Last year he went to his first funeral. My younger brother's funeral, out of state. He had never met my brother or any of my family
and what he did at that funeral, I don't think anyone will ever forget. I had prayed with my brother over the phone before he died
and I was very concerned for his soul and knew he had been a church member for several years but didn't really know where he
was with the Lord. Imagine my shock and my whole family's shock when we got there to the funeral and discovered that my
brother's wife had joined a cult and had the cult do the funeral! There was no singing, no eulogies, no homegoing celebration, no
nothing! Just the cult leader trying to persuade us all of his doctrines. I think we all thought we were in the Twilight Zone!

    We were all so in shock that no one said anything or even cried. It was like it wasn't real to any of us. All I could do was sit there
and shake my head. The man kept saying that my brother was dead and that he was going into the ground and that's where he would
be and my brother's wife said she believed that. No being in the presence of the Lord, no Heaven, nothing. I couldn't believe this
because years earlier, they had not believed that and we had shared wonderful things about the Lord and all that so this was just
incomprehensible to me.  At the grave site, the same scene repeated itself but most of us moved away and started talking and praying
and trying not to hear this stupid stuff and as they lowered him into the ground, I just lost it and started crying for my brother.

My daughter-in-law came over to me a few minutes later and said, Will you listen to what your grandchild is saying? And I said, What
is his doing? And she took me back closer to where the wife and children and the cult members and friends were sitting, watching
the coffin going down and the workers starting to throw dirt on it, and I watched this amazing little child and he was standing there
looking very serious at the grave  and saying, Stop!!!  Don't do that!!! Bring my uncle back up here so I can pray for him!!!
I want to heal him! Stop that! Jesus wants to heal him!   !!!!!!!   We were all flabbergasted, to say the least! He kept saying it and
trying to get them to stop throwing dirt on the coffin and my brother's family was kind of looking away and trying not to pay him
any attention and he was so frustrated that they wouldn't bring the coffin back up. I just kept watching him from  a distance
with my siblings and kids and other people.  Finally, he realized that they would not bring my brother back up and he looked resigned.

Then he went over to where a little girl was sitting crying and he put his hand on her and said, Don't cry. Uncle ----is with Jesus.
He's in Heaven. Jesus will heal him!        And he started going over to other people and telling them the same thing. He kept saying,
My uncle's in Heaven, he's with Jesus.......

One of my relatives came up to me and whispered, I think that little boy is gonna be a preacher!  And I said, I think he already is!!!
And later as we all came out of our shock and talked about it, I said, Well, the gospel got heard at this funeral after all, didn't it?
Out of the mouth of a baby!!!  Praise God forever more!!!   I didn't mean to share all that but I just had to.

So, like I said, this is a special kid!!!!

Part Two coming up......

I apologize for this being so long but I just feel led to share it for some reason......................

Watcher Woman