Pineman (14 Feb 2012)
"Re: Chelsea Brown, Bill Griese & Tyra's Defense of the 2008-2015 time period with President Obama at the Helm"

Dear Chelsea, Bill & Tyra & Fellow Watchers:

Thank you for responding to my challenge regarding the "Confirmation
of the Covenant". I studied each of yor posts.

I think the Democratic party always had a strong Jewish base in the
U.S. so that is nothing unusual. I think America always had the mantra
of "making the world safe for democracy" so that is nothing new also.
The week mentioned was in reference to election week not a week of

The details of this senario, as outlined in your posts, seem like
Replacement Theology on steroids but God gave us all a free will in
order to make our own choices and to believe how we choose.

The clock is going to run down on this pretty soon (April 11) so we
shall see how it plays out shortly.