Chelsea Brown (13 Feb 2012)
"Pineman : response to Dan 9:27 Obama's "Covenant with many""

Dear Brother Pineman:
 Your post of Saturday: You are listening to the wrong speech. Review Daniel's better words at 9:27, not Obama's.

The scripture cited, Dan 9:27, does NOT state that the (Antichrist's) covenant will delineate or set forth a time period. It simply says the Covenant will last a "heptad" (a seven year period translated a "week"). Obama's thirty minute speech of Oct 29, 2008 fits every detail of Dan. 9:27. If it concludes Sept 23 , 2015 it will be exactly a heptad of years. Obama did "confirm" his prior promises (a promise is a covenant) to" many". The Hebrew word for "many" used here implies a multitude like the sands of the sea, a number like millions. Obama confirmed a covenant, a promise, to change the country and the WORLD. In exchange for his promise , he requested support and votes. Millions of  people worldwide heard and affirmed their agreement with his call. Many call him the Messiah, The One, The Hope for change. See time 29:16. The Jewish people especially supported him, just as predicted by Jesus in John 5:43.The Antichrist picked and selected his own name.He gave up one name, Barry Soetoro, for a new name, a Biblical name, Barak. Jesus noted this unusual attribute, he comes in his own name, not one held since birth.

In fact, Barak Obama is the only world leader whose FIRST and LAST name are found in VERSE 6,606 (Judges4:6) and CHAPTER 6x6x6 (Judges 5), whose name calculates to 666 in over twenty different ways, and who was ELECTED EXACTLY ONE WEEK after this CONFIRMED COVENANT with the ILLINOIS LOTTERY winning number 666. (Nov 5, 2008). See time 27/19 :38 :48 ; 28:00 :45. Obama uses the descriptive of a "week" as forshadowed by Daniel.

Could it be coincidence? Of course. Obama or a twin like him might sign or confirm another agreement with a multitude of peoples or nations at some later date.

God Bless and Maranatha !