Tyra (13 Feb 2012)
"To Pineman.....regarding info commercial"

Between the 27 minute to 30 minute range on the information commerical at the very end of the commercial he states that......

In this LAST WEEK... if you will knock on doors for me than I promise, together we will not only Change the country but Change the world.  I put it in Caps because I just was in awe.  It's not to be mean.  Personally, I don't care who the antichrist is (there are many good canidates in my opinion) but he did confirm a promise with the mulitudes to change the times for not only America but for the world and in this last week.  I woke up in 2008 when the week of the Feast of Trumpets the stock market crashed 777 points and the Bible belt states had a wind storm from a hurricane up the East coast.  In Ohio we had 4 straight hours of 50-70 mile an hour winds.  I knew in September of 2008 that the final 7 years had begun.

Now that I actually sat down and watched it a few times, it becomes clear to me the sacrifice being stopped is Christianity.  The abomination is our sins against God our Lord Almighty and Until it's desolate it's clear Daniel is speaking of America.  My God, our Master on High the Holy of Holies.. watch over all of us and protect us from harm.

The reason I think the sacrifice stopping is refering to Christianity is because the actual animal sacrifice stopped when Jesus Christ the Lamb became our sacrifice on the cross.  He sacrificed himself for our sins, so the stopping of the sacrifice in my opinion is the halting of Christianity in America, because Jesus Christ IS/WAS the sacrifice.  See it's continue on until the last days and the sacrifice will cease.  It will stop.  Either that means Christianity or all of us going home to heaven, then, they'll be no more sacrifice.  Maybe I'm out in left field on this one, but it's just what I thought when I was watching the info commericial.

Anyway, either way you look at the events happening all over the world, we are close and very close to the coming of our King.  The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

God Bless all of you,