Josua (13 Dec 2011)
"To Sherry Vance and Kevin Drake"

Dear Sherry

I'm answering your post:

I also found that sentences disturbing and I agree with your comments about it.

However, it does not relate to the presented (and possibly correct)
mechanism of Jubilee years, and how it correlates with Daniels 70
weeks. I found that very fascinating and true.


Dear Kevin

thanks for your post:

I'll have to read it a couple of times more to fully understand it and
to learn some new things for it.
I thank you for your time for that post and without any doubts you
have profound knowledge and I hope that everybody will benefit from
your thoughts.
As for me - I will not continue this discussion. Our time is too short for that.

Watch & Pray!
YBIC, Josua