Judith (25 Sep 2016)
""AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH" - 120 Yrs. & 2520 Yr. Cycle/Patterns"

"AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH" - 120 Yrs. & 2520 Yr. Cycle/Patterns
Is there Evidence for this Study to qualify as a relevant timeline?
I believe so and some day soon we'll know as we are known. What
a day that will be!
A while back I submitted a study based on the genealogical record
given in Genesis on the 2520 yrs. leading to the Exodus - see link...

You might say that 2520 yrs. may, in some respects, be the most
central key for determining the accuracy in the final analysis on
our current calendar timeline. Subsequently, I'm confident that
God gave us enough detailed information within the geological
record that we can calculate with a good degree of certainty that
2520 was the year for the EXODUS.
The 120 years may be one other key in opening our understanding
of how the cycle/patterns may influence, and/or fit in analyizing
the timeline.
It took Noah 120 years to build the ark and God has designated a
special timeframe of 120 years for man.
Whether the 120 years is intended to be considered a prophetic
calculation in the final years leading to the millenium I can't say,
but it appears to have some significance as you will see later in
this study. It's also quite interesting to discover how often the
2520 yrs. is repeated when calculating a timeline of an historical
event leading to our present time. I'll explain the best I can.
Starting at the beginning with the EXODUS year of 2520 + 40 yrs.
for the wilderness journey = 2560. We know that God told Abraham
there would be 430 yrs. of Egyptian captivity/bondage - (see Gen.
Ch. 15 & Ex. 21:41). That began with Abraham - COVENANT, then
30 yrs. later with Issac it was CONFIRMED - (see Acts 13:20-21 &
Gal. 3:16-17 ). At this point there remains 400 yrs. to the Exodus.
Acts 13:17-20 explains about the 400 yrs. + the 40 years in the
wilderness. In addition to the 40 years there is an additional
10 yrs. to overthrow the 7 nations in Caanan as well as the years
for the division/inheritance of the land. "All this took about
450 years" Acts 13:17-20. With the additional 10 yrs. brings the
2560 to about 2570 . So, starting with Issac (the CONFIRMATION)
in the year 2120 + 400 yrs. = 2520 + 40 = 2560 + 10 = 2570 yrs.
from Issac which would be 480 from Abraham - (the COVENANT).
The 2570 is a significant timeline as you will see later in this study.
NOTE: For those of you who are not familiar with the 2520 yrs.
you may be wondering why the emphasis? First of all the 7 yr.
tribulation is 2520 days. Also, 120 (another significant cycle)
x 21 = 2520 yrs. Then there's 70 x 36 = 2520 - 70 being another
significant cycle. Another.....40 x 63 = 2520 and 7x 360 = 2520,
360 being the number of days in the Jewish Calendar. Then the
Exodus year of 2520 makes it even more relevant IMO. Also, as
I will show further on in this study, the 2520 yrs. is a repeated
cycle from one significant historic event to another, which
establishes a continuous pattern and lends to more than just
being a coincidence IMO.
VARIOUS 2520 CYCLES + 120 yr. - (360/day)
As shown above, 2520 is when the 400 yrs. ended from Issac
after the Israelites left Egypt (the Exodus). Then, 3720 is the
year that the Babylonian Captivity ended 524 b.c .as I've
shown in earlier studies (516,5 b.c. on the 365.25/day). 3720
+ 2520 = 6240 - (same as 1996 which is our 1967 on the 365.25/day). 
4244 + 1996 = 6240 - (4244 is the calendar start date for our current
year. March, 4244 = 4183 on the 365.25/day. 4183 + 1967 = 6150 &
relates to 6240 ).
This is just my opinion, but I believe the extra 242 years on
the 4000 yr. calendar account for the following: 120 yrs. for
Noah & building the ark and years alloted for man; an additional
50 yrs. after completing the 430 from Abraham (COVENANT) -
( see Acts 13:19-20) . 70 yrs. for the Babylonian Captivity; 2 yrs. -
1 yr. for the flood and 1 yr. after the flood with the birth of Seth -
the first born after the flood which restarted the lineage to the
BIRTH OF JESUS (4242). 120 + 50 + 70 + 2 = 242. Who knows for
sure, but this is my best guess. Then from the 4242 to 6297 = an
extra 55 yrs. from the 4242 yrs. has a special meaning according to
the numerical value which I'll post here from the Bible Wheel......
"The Number 55: Everything

And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very
good.  And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.
Genesis 1.31

The Number 55
All, Everything
Consummation, End (Dan. 9:27)
Bride, Spouse (S#3618)
Day of the Lord (Ord) (Zeph. 1.14)
Thief, Steal (S#1589)

Bible Wheel has an interesting interpretation of the number 242 as well......
The Number 242

Jehovahjireh (Gen. 22:14)
The God Who Sees (Gen. 16:13)
Mighty God (Is. 9:6)
The Spirit of the living creature (Ezek 1:20)

Continuing on...... With the Babylonian Captivity beginning in the
year 3650 and when subtracting the 430 yrs. of Ezekiel from the
Captivity - 3650 - 430 = 3220 = the year Solomon began building
the temple. (See on the Calendar Study) -
I've made a correction to that study which isn't reflected in the
above link. I've changed the 3222 to 3220 for obvious reasons -
that being the 430 years. In addition a new 490/yr. cycle that
I haven't yet posted.
So, 3220 + 430 = 3650 & begins the 70 yrs. of the Babylonian
Captivity. The year 3650 + 2520 = 6170. The year 6170 is exactly
120 yrs. to 6290 - which is the year I think the Tribulation/Rapture
will begin. 6290 = 6199.6 on the 365.25/day. March, 6290 = 2046
(360/day) & October, 6199.6 = 2016.6 (365.25/day) on our present
calendar.  Remember the religious Jewish calendar starts in
March - not January, and that is the calendar that is used in
these studies.
Going back to the time of the Exodus, recall the 450 yrs. from
Issac (THE CONFIRMATION) to complete what is recorded in
Acts 13:17-20. The 450 yrs. ended in the yr. 2570. Recall also
the end of the Babylonian captivity in 3720 + 2570 = 6290 - the
year I believe will begin the Rapture/Tribulation (our 2016).
At the end of the Babylonian Captivity in 3720.3 (July 7) there
is an additional .6 added to = 3720.9, February 3 which is when
the 2nd temple was complete - (see Ezra 6:15). Then by adding
the additional 49 yrs. of Daniel 9:25 = 3770. We know this because
of the separation of 72 yrs. between the "seven sevens & sixty-
two sevens".
Earlier I explained that the 360/day beginning calendar count
started in the year 4244 which is 2046 yrs. to our present
time of March, 6290 - March is the 1st month - not January.
The March 1, 6290 will begin when we reach the October
3, 2016 date. 3770 is 474 b.c. from 4244.........474 b.c. +
March 1, 2046 = 2520 .
I'm going to conclude with a short study on the year 2014 and
Lord willing, and if we're still here, will continue next week
with the final conclusion of this study.
To begin, it is 2014.5 yrs. from 4275.5 (the date for the
CRUCIFIXION on the 360/day) to 6290 then by adding the
7 years of the Tribulation = 6297 + .2 (75 days of Daniel) =
From 3770 (see above) to the CRUCIFIXION - 4275.5 (31.5 a.d.
on 360/day) = 505.5 yrs. 505.5 + 2014.5 = 2520 yrs.
I think it's pretty remarkable how the 2520 cycle/pattern is
repeated as often as it is. It's obvious that there has to be
something special about this number.
Hope this is a blessing to you and most of all, I hope this work
is pleasing to our Lord and Savior. It's for the BLESSED HOPE
that this study is being produced.
Keep looking up brothers and sisters - it's right around the