Judith (20 Mar 2016)
"2520 Yrs. - Rapture/Trib. Yr."

2520 Yrs. - Rapture/Trib. Yr. - FINALLY, SOME EVIDENCE

I believe the evidence is here - I hope so!!  I'm finding it very
difficult if not impossible to doubt these discoveries.



What I mean is this.........there is, IMO, a foundational year that works in
conjunction with all the various prophecies listed below, and that year
I've concluded to be the year 2520.  See for yourself if you don't agree -
it's here for your information but will require time and attention to
navigate through all the data.

The following will explain how I concluded that the Exodus happened in
the year 2520 yrs. from Adam.  I realize that this is exceptionally long
and can be arduous to work through, but it is a study and requires time
and effort to grasp and understand, however, the following is presented
for those who are willing to search & confirm what I've concluded to be
the evidence for a perfect timeline with all the various puzzles fitting
together in perfect harmony and order.  All of the various pieces to
this timeline puzzle will confirm Hosea's 3-days prophecy; Daniel's 2300
days; Passover; Jubilee; Atonement; Haggai's 9th mo. 24th day prophecy;
Exodus; Leaving Sinai; Babylonian Captivity; the Egyptian 400, 430 and
450 yrs. of Acts; 49 yrs. of Daniel; the Balfour Declaration; the year for
the Rapture and Tribulation; Mid-Trib. dates; our 1948 and 1967 years;
and more.  The final timeline when using the 2520 yr. as the foundation,
corresponds and fits all the above together perfectly.  I'll present these

It will be helpful for you to have the timeline calendar I've posted here
before.  However,  with the recent discoveries the calendar needs a few
adjustments and some major corrections which I'm not involved with
at this time.  But the basics are there and will be useful.  Here's the link:


THE YEAR 2520:


Abraham was  born in the year 2008 from Adam and we know this
for sure since we can calculate the date from the biblical record
pertaining to Terah's (Abraham's father) birth and death.  NOTE: 
Not 1948 as previously determined but has in recent times been
corrected to be the year of 2008 as detailed by the following:


Terah's first born was born in 1948 but not Abraham.  Since we know
Terah was born in 1878 and lived 205 years and died in the year 2083
then by reading the biblical record given in Genesis 11:31-32 &
Genesis 12:1-5 we learn Abraham was 75 years old when his father
died (see also Acts 7:1-4), therefore 2083 - 75 yrs. = 2008.  We can
now establish that 2008 was the year Abraham was born.

With his birth date established we can then move on to calculate
the time when the Egyptian period of bondage of 400 yrs. and 430
yrs. began.


When Abraham was 75 yrs. old Genesis 12:1 tells us Abraham was
instructed by God to leave Haran and travel to Canaan.  This we've
already determined to be the year 2083 from Adam.  Following
will be a short summary of events leading to the beginning of the
400 (430) years as foretold by God for the Egyptian bondage.  See
Genesis 15:13; Ex. 12:40-41; Acts 7:1-8 and Gal. 3:16-17.


After leaving Haran Abraham's travels include his time in Egypt
followed by the division of the land between Him and Lot who
Abraham rescues in Sodom - Gen. 13 and 14. 


When we get to Genesis 15 Abraham is told by God about the
impending Egyptian bondage of 400 yrs. and establishes a
"Covenant with Abraham" stating that to him and his descendants
(seed) will be given the promise land.  The year is now 2090 and
begins the 430 year count to the Exodus with concluding evidence
to be shown during the time of Isaac after chapter 22.  Even though
Abraham is in the land he is not in possession of the land.  This is
promised, but does not occur until after the 40 yrs. of wilderness
wandering.  In the meantime Abraham and his descendants are
strangers and aliens in the land of Canaan.  This is foretold by God
in Genesis 15:13; and evidenced in Genesis 17:8; Genesis 21:23; and
Genesis 23:4 to name a few. 


In Ch. 16 of Genesis we see that Abraham has been in the land of
Canaan now for 10 years - see Genesis 16:3.  It is here that Sarai
selects Hagar to be Abraham's wife.  Hagar conceives at this time
in the year 2093.  The following year (2094) Ishmael is born -
2083 + 10 yrs. = 2093 + 1 = 2094. 


It's in Ch. 17 of Genesis that God makes a covenant with Abraham
by introducing the covenant of circumcision.  Abraham is 99 yrs.
old and his son Ishmael is 13 yrs. old when they are circumcised
(yr. 2107).  It is also at this time that Abram is renamed Abraham
and  Sarai is renamed Sarah.  Also, when  the promise of a son by
Sarah at the same time would occur in the following year (2108).


Meanwhile Abraham pleads for Sodom in Ch. 18  and finally in
Ch. 19 of Genesis Sodom and Gomorrah is destroyed.  The story
continues with Lot and his daughters escaping Sodom and
seeking refuge in the mountains. 


Chapter 20 tells of the incident between Abraham and
Abimelech the King of Gerar.


Finally in Ch. 21 comes the birth of Isaac when Abraham is 100
years old. NOTE:  2008 + 100 = 2108 (Abraham's birth to Isaac's
birth).  After Isaac is weaned the conflict Sarah has with Ishmael
and Hagar becomes too great and so Abraham sends them away. 
Ishmael would have been about 16 yrs. of age. 


Genesis Ch. 22 details the events of God calling Abraham to offer
Isaac as a burnt offering sacrifice.  This occurs when Isaac is 12 yrs.
old in the year 2120.  2090 + 30 = 2120 + 400 = 2520 - the year of
the Exodus.  This completes the 430 years from 2090. 
This is 30 years from 2090 when the "Covenant" and "Promise" is
given to Abraham", so this is the beginning of the "400" yrs. God
proclaimed in Genesis 15. but the final 430 years at the Exodus


After the completion of meeting God's testing and because of
Abraham's obedience, God CONFIRMS and declares in ch. 22:15-18
His blessings upon Abraham and his descendants as numerous as
the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore - "your
descendants will take possession of the cities of their enemies, and
through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed, because
you have obeyed me".  This CONFIRMATION is what begins the final
400/430 years to the Exodus - see Genesis 15:13 & Gal. 3:16-17. 
This CONFIRMATION is 30 years from the initial promise given to
Abraham in Genesis 15:13 (2090).  2120 + 400 = 2520.

Reminder....unless otherwise designated, the dates are on the
360/day calendar.


It is understood that the offering of Isaac typifies Christ at Passover. 
What's curious is that Jesus was 12 yrs. old when He stayed behind
at the temple during the Passover visit and just as Jesus was seeking
His Father in obedience to His calling so Isaac was obedient to his
father.  The comparison of Isaac at the same age of 12 yrs. is striking
when considering the implications involved for Jesus and then
corresponding to that of Isaac. 

There are a variety of commentaries on the topic which connects the
two ages of 12 yrs. and their meaning.  I won't go into them but you
may want to do a search on the internet to learn more on this topic.
I'll share a brief section of one commentary I found.........

Further study -
"Luke 2:42 -  When he was twelve years old:  According
to Jewish tradition, a boy became "a son of the Torah,"
responsible to observe the law when he was thirteen
years old. [1] It was customary that a year before a boy
turned 13, he went with his family to the Temple for the
first time to prepare him for what would be expected the
rest of his life.  What is important is that his parents
were taking steps to prepare him for his covenantal
responsibility before the Lord as a responsible man
of the Teaching (Torah) of God.[2] 
[1] The bar-mitzvah ceremony may not have yet existed
and did not become a major ceremony until the Middle
Ages, according to David Stern, Jewish New Testament
Commentary, 110. 
[2] Samuel was also twelve years old when he received
his call and began to prophesy, according to the Jewish
historian Josephus, (Antiquities of the Jews, 5.10.4&348;
1 Sam 3).


1.  As determine above, it was 2520 yrs. to Exodus.

2. It is 2520 yrs. from end of Babylonian Captivity to capturing
Jerusalem and the control of the Temple Mount (our 1967) - year
6240 on the 360/day.  Following are the calculation specifics:

Based upon the historical data for when the Babylonian Captivity
began which is approx. 585/586 b.c., and using the date determined
for the time of the start of the captivity as 3597.8 on the 365.25
calendar we find that the exact number of 585.2 b.c. yrs. brings us to
the year 3597.8 which is 3650.3 (July 7) on the 360/day calendar.  As
an aside and of particular interest, in Exodus 32:33-34 God states :


The date when God declared this to Moses was on July 7 - the same
date the Babylonian Captivity began.  The July 7 day of Moses is
presented in a prior study (see link) - 


Having determined 3650.3 as the date for the start of the 70 yrs. of
captivity we add 70 yrs. to equal the yr. 3720.3 for the end of the
Babylonian Captivity.  From the end of the Babylonian Captivity to
Israel's victory of gaining control of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount
is 2520 yrs........ 3720.3 + 2520 = year 6240.3 - (1996 - our 1967 yr.).

There are some who have placed the beginning of the Babylonian
captivity during the first deportation, however, scripture plainly tells us
it was during the 3rd deportation on July 7 that the final 70 prophetic
years began. See Jeremiah 1:3 and 2 Kings 25:8 where the date is
established for the "fifth month 7th day".  Also, in Zechariah 7:5 and
8:19 the fasts that Israel was observing was in the 5th month in
remembrance of July 7 - the start of the 70 years.

So we now have established that the Babylonian Captivity started
in 585.2 bc (3597.7) on the 365.25/day which corresponds to 593.7
yr. (3650.3) (July 7) on the 360/day calendar.  Remember, the 2520
years is calculated on the 360/day calendar.

By adding 70 years to the 3650.3 (July 7) we have 3720.3 years from
Adam.  Again, by adding 2520 years to 3720 = 6240 - (1996 and our
1967 yr.).

3.  There's another 2520 year to consider.  In reading Daniel 9:24-26
we learn "seventy sevens"(490 yrs.) are decreed for the people of Israel.
Verse 25 reads as follows:

"now and understand this:  From the issuing of the decree to restore
and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there
will be 1. seven sevens (49 yrs.), and 2. sixty-two sevens (434 yrs.)  It will
be rebuilt with streets and a trench, but in times of trouble."

NOTE:  49 years and 62 sevens = 483 years with a balance of 7 yrs. yet
to be fulfilled.  The 7 years of Tribulation will conclude the 490 years. 
Then in verse 26 - "After the sixty-two sevens, the Anointed One will
be cut off and will have nothing............".  The 483 yrs. of prophecy
concludes at the crucifixion of Christ. 

In reading scripture we learn that the "decree" mentioned in Daniel
9:25 occurred during the first year of Cyrus the King of Persia at the
end of the Babylonian Captivity - see Ezra Ch. 1. 

With the Babylonian Captivity ending in the year 3720.3 then by
adding .2 and the first of the three designated times  of "seven sevens"
( 49 yrs.) to when the captivity ended = 3769.5.  The separation of the
three designated time intervals causes us to realize there is an amount
of time in between the first two times (seven sevens & sixty-two sevens)
besides the time interval for the concluding 7 years which ends the
490 year prophecy - i.e. the Tribulation.  All this being said brings me
to the point of discussion which is the 2520 years.

3720.5 + 49 = 3769.5 + 2520  = 6289.5 or 2045.5 (our 2016.1 yr.). 
It is exciting to realize that with the above, we are fast approaching
the time for the RAPTURE & TRIBULATION! *:)

That's one way of calculating the dates, but some prefer to use our
current year when determining the time-line - which is easy to do.

So, with the Babylonian Captivity beginning in 593.7 b.c. on the 360/day
(our 585.2) then after subtracting 70 yrs. = 523.7 less .2 with the decree
of Cyrus =  523.5.  Then by subtracting the 49 years of Daniel = 474.5 b.c.. 

Our current year is 2016 and I'm calculating 2016.1 which is mid April.
That equates or corresponds to 2045.5 (September) on the 360/day.
When adding 2045.5 years to the above 474.5 b.c. = 2520 yrs.  This
April on our calendar and Sept. on the 360/day calendar could very
well be the time for the Rapture and beginning of the Tribulation.

But there's more!


In calculating this portion of the study I'm going to use the 2016 and
2045 years rather than the full calendar from Adam.  It seems there are
those who have trouble with the unfamiliar larger numbers and identify
more easily with our current timetable.

So, as we determined before, with the Babylonian Captivity ending in
the year 523.7 and by adding the current 2045.5 (Sept.) which is our
2016.1 year (April), the year would be 2569.2.  Then with the addition
of 7.2 for the Tribulation (includes the 75 days of Daniel) brings the new
total to 2576.4.  Now, before we can make sense of the 2576.4, we'll
need to continue with the next portion of the study.

Recall that the Exodus was in the year 2520 from Adam.  Then add the
40 years in the wilderness bringing the year to 2560.  Add 10 years
and the new total is 2570.  This is exactly 50 years from the Exodus.
In Acts 13:20 the Apostle Paul reviews the 400 yrs. in Bondage adding
the 40 years in the wilderness + 10 years to conclude with "all this
taking about 450 years".    So, with the 400 yrs. + 40 + 10 = 2570 years.

It's worth mentioning that from the beginning of the Babylonian
Captivity it is 2570 years to 1976.6 our year May 14/15, 1948 -
593.7 + 1976.6 = 2570.3.

Now, back to our 2576.4 years from the end of the Babylonian
Captivity.........you can see that there is a 6.4 year difference which
is calculated to be 2300 days.  You see the similarity between the
two dates, yet with an additional 6.4 years making it close but not
a definite pattern - that is unless you bring in the 2300 days that
was prophesied by Daniel 8:14.  We'll come back to this part of the
study but this is the time to move forward to the next portion of
this study which will bring everything together and make sense to
those who endeavor to study and contemplate what I believe can
be understood as the final evidence for this study.


Wow!  Now that's a lot to tie in and bring together, but that's
exactly how this will perform. 

At the conclusion of this part of the study you will be amazed
at the similarities of the two years of 2570 (the end of the Exodus
period) and 2576.4 yrs. (the end of the Babylonian Captivity to the
possible end of the Tribulation). 

Picking up where we left off with the "THE 2045 YEAR (OUR 2016);
THE TRIBULATION 7.2 YEARS; 450 YEARS" above,  we can now do
the following calculations which includes all that is listed above
and will bring everything together to form the most elaborate
and detailed finished puzzle.

1. The 2300 days of Daniel 8:14  -

As was discussed, the 2576.4 years from the end of the Babylonian
Captivity to the possible end of the Tribulation is exactly 6.4 or
2300 days difference.

2.  The July 7 date; The Haggai 2:1-23 Prophecy of November 24 -

From the July 7 date (the day the Captivity began and ended, also
the same date Moses was on Mt. Sinai with God when God proclaimed
his punishment for Israel for their disobedience), to the November 24
date of Haggai 2:1-23 is 137 days.  The 137 days is short of 3 days to
conclude the 2300 days.

3.  The 3 days of Hosea 6:2 - 

2300 days = 6 years and 140 days, so the 137 is short 3 days which
brings in the 3 days of Hosea 6:2.  137 + 3 days = 140 + 6 years (2160
days) = 2300 days. 

4.  The possible start of the Tribulation + 75 days of Daniel 12:11 -

If the Tribulation were to begin on September 9/10, 2045 (our April,
14/15, 2016) then with the additional 75 days of Daniel would bring
the end date to the November 24/25 date of Haggai 2:1-23.  Then with
the 3 days of Hosea 6:2 would bring the final date to November 27/28,
2052 (our 2023).  NOTE:  Mid-Trib. would be March 9/10 which was
the date when Jesus rode into Jerusalem just before Passover.  Also,
March 10 was the date Israel arrived in the Promise Land - see Jos. 4:19.
The 10th day of September is the initial day of Atonement as well as
the end of 49 yrs. before entering the 50th yr. - the Jubilee year - see
Lev. 25:8-9.

5.  The Jubilee Year - 49th year - see Lev. 25:8-9 and Day of Atonement -

The Babylonian Captivity ended in 3720.3 (July 7). By adding 63 days =
September 10 - then add the 49 years of Daniel 9:25.  3769.5 + 2520 =
6289.5 or 2045.5 (our April 14/15, 2016).  Also, the September 10th date 
is the Day of Atonement. 

Another 49 Jubilee year can be calculated from our 1967th year which
equates or corresponds to 1996 on the 360/day calendar.  1996.5 (Sept.
10) + 49 years = 2045.5 - September 10 - our April 14/15, 2016.

6. The Balfour Declaration -

The Balfour Declaration date was November 1/2, 1917 which equates
to October 21/22, 1945.6.  Then add 100 years and you have 2045.6
which equals two complete Jubilees.  If the Tribulation does begin on
September 10, 2045 then these two Jubilees  are 42 days short from
completion.  I don't know what this means, but thought I'd share


With the start of the Tribulation possibly being September 9/10 which
would be equivalent to our April 14/15, 2016, then possibly the event
of the Rapture could be on April 9/10 which, according to Genesis,
is when Noah entered the ark  before the start of the flood on April
17, 1656 on the 360/day calendar.  If so, it's interesting that the end
of the Tribulation on the 365.25/day calendar would be March 9/10,
2023 which date we've determined to be the day that Jesus rode into
Jerusalem just before Passover - and also the date Israel entered the
promise land.  When adding the 75 days the final date would be May
23/24 which was the date for the first Passover on the 365.25/day
when Israel entered the Promise Land (March on 360/day).


This is not necessarily relevant but I found it interesting to see the
concluding date when calculating the following:

1656      -  April 17, year of the flood
2120      -  March 14, year Isaac offered as sacrifice
2520      -  March 14, year of the Exodus
6296      -  Possible year the Tribulation ends -  our 2023 yr. and
2052 on the 360/day calendar.

I do believe I was given this study by God, on the other hand I'm not
stating that the results are from hearing "thus saith the Lord', rather
I've been persevering with this for 20 years being inspired to continue
the work even though up till recently I hadn't discovered what I now
have to share. 

Whether or not this study is 100% accurate or not doesn't really make
a difference to what we know is true - and that is Jesus is

COMING SOON!!!!! *:)

Blessings to all who love the Lord, and comments are welcome.