BG Ellis (31 May 2011)
"The Rapture timing and our 7-day warning to The Rapture!"


Dear John and Doves,

       For the last three years, I have been shouting to the world that the Rapture will occur on Rosh Hashanah and now it looks like that The Rapture day is finally approaching.  Over three years ago The Lord had me set up two YouTube accounts and have one YouTube account be a mirror copy of the other. The Lord prompted me to put on both of them some key videos (notice the date uploaded) they are:


Rapture - ROSH HASHANAH, 2011? (Pt 1 of 6)

Rapture - ROSH HASHANAH, 2011? (Pt 2 of 6)

Rapture - ROSH HASHANAH, 2011? (Pt 3 of 6)

Rapture - ROSH HASHANAH, 2011? (Pt 4 of 6)

Rapture - ROSH HASHANAH, 2011? (Pt 5 of 6)

Rapture - ROSH HASHANAH, 2011? (Pt 6 of 6)


Rapture is on Rosh HaShanah Pt 1

Rapture is on Rosh HaShanah Pt 2

Rapture is on Rosh HaShanah Pt 3


(VIDEO) Why the Rapture date is called the day that no man knows the day or the hour!




EMP effect at the Rapture? (Pt 1 of 3).

EMP effect at the Rapture? (Pt 2 of 3).

EMP effect at the Rapture? (Pt 3 of 3).


Until a group of atheists had one of our YouTube accounts shut down (THIS YEAR) we were getting over 20,000 views per day and receiving over 10 messages a day from our YouTube accounts saying that they have said the salvation prayer.  In marketing terms, for every one message that bothered to send in a message that they said the salvation prayer, there are over 1,000 who said the prayer and not bother with sending in a message.  In addition, The Lord wanted me to tie all the YouTube videos together by coming out with a web page on The Rapture.  I had an existing web space through AT&T for the last 14 years and set up a web page on The Rapture in 2008 (SEE:  Also, up until AT&T shut down that web space division (IN JULY OF THIS YEAR) we were the number one search result on The Rapture out of millions of possibilities and we were getting thousands of web page views a day.  In fact, if you came to The Five Doves web site after spring of 2008, there is a very good chance that you found your way here to this site off our web page.  Do I think that it is a coincidence that one of the YouTube accounts and the Web Site (after having the account for 14 years) was shut down within one month of each other?  The answer is no, for The Bible says that we fight not against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.  Satan is preparing the world for our departure and wants to stop all information of what is happening getting out.  To me it is a major confirmation that The Rapture is this year! You can see a part of what was on the site by going to these links:


Time is running out!


The Rapture - Fall 2011!"


The Impact of Mark Biltz’s studies!


 Signs In The Heavens--What Does It Mean?


When is Jesus Returning?  “The Answer is 42!”


Ok, the point of this post is to give you the timeline that I believe The Rapture will take place and to provide you the reference links:

I believe that The Rapture will occur at The Last Trump of Rosh Hashanah.  This year, Rosh Hashanah occurs at the spotting of the new moon in Jerusalem.  One of the best sites that I have found to determine when the new moon is if found here: SEE: THIS!  In the upper right hand corner, choose: “Hebrew Month: 8” and then click: “View Calendar”.  The feast starts at sunset at the spotting of the new moon (September 29th Jerusalem Time) and runs to sunset October 1st 2011 (again, Jerusalem Time).  To find out when sunset is in Jerusalem, I use this site: SEE: THIS!   According to this site, sunset in Jerusalem on September 29th is 6:27pm and sunset in Jerusalem on October 1st 2011 is 6:25pm.  To find out what is your time is in relation to Jerusalem time, I use this site: SEE: THIS!


The last trump on The Feasts of Trumpets is blown on October 1st toward the end of The Feast - SEE: THIS!   I believe that when the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite’s debris fell to Earth between 11:23pm ET Friday and 1:09 am ET Saturday September 24th, 2011; THAT WAS OUR 7-DAY WARNING (as in the days of Noah SEE: THIS!) TO THE RAPTURE!  SEE: THIS!  You see, if you fast-forward from this event 7-days, which would put us right at sunrise on October 1st, 2011 - Jerusalem Time.  What this means is that from sunrise on October 1st to sunset (October 1st Jerusalem Time) the Last Trump will be blown and The Rapture will take place!








B.G. Ellis