John B (26 Oct 2014)
"Reply to David H........24 Kislev / December 15-16......Will the shaking begin?"



Thanks for the ‘tip of the hat” agreement concerning my post about Psalms 114 and 115 and the great shaking as you call it that will undoubtedly occur when God the Father soon explodes onto the world stage in His effort to save Israel.

After hours of study and tying many separate scripture verses together from all over the bible I believe I have drawn a clear picture (for myself at least) as to what will happen during the period of the sixth seal and Ezekiel 37-39.

Using Psalms 114 and 115 in concert with Revelation 6 and Ezekiel 38 it appears that God the Father will kick off this whole scenario in the fall of some year. And if one believes that the Psalms numbering system (as per my recent posts) does indeed correspond to the Gregorian calendar years……. then the start of this whole unbelievable event appears to be earmarked for this fall. That said, I still didn’t have an exact or close date for this fall……that is, until you filled in that blank. Thank you!!!!!!!!

I had never made the timing / date connection between the prophecy of Haggai and when God the Father may burst forth onto the world stage.

After your post and then reading the Book of Haggai and the corresponding and collaborating verses I concur with you that the Hebrew date of 24 of Kislev is a very strong watch date as to when God the Father may explode through our atmosphere.

You stated in your post that this occurs on December 15. When I just researched it this week I came up with December 16 but I believe the Hebrew day starts at 6 in the evening so it looks like we should earmark both December 15 and 16 as very high watch dates for this event to happen.

When one hones or pars or distills all this information down and the result is aimed at a couple of days……….. it gets rather exciting / scary / terrifying……. you fill in the blank.

I read an article today that led me to believe we may be right in our analysis. That article stated that Hezbollah was thinking about attacking Israel soon. If that is the case I’m sure they won’t strike Israel alone but the attack will be in concert and accompanied by all of Gog’s demonic forces… Iran, ISIS, Muslim brotherhood, Turkey, Hamas, etc. etc. etc.

Could these demonic forces be contemplating a date around the middle of December? We’ll soon know.

Blessings Dave and thanks again..………John B

P.S. David….I forgot to mention one of the phrases in Haggai 2:22 where it says…….The horses and their riders will come down, Every one by the sword of his brother……. Compared with Ezekiel 38:21’s…….Every man’s sword will be against his brother…… It’s obvious to me that God in Haggai 2:22 and Ezekiel 38 is depicting the same general battle with these phrases and the rest of the text.

I wrote a post a while back as to why this is so (brother against brother). When you trace the lineage back to Abraham you have brothers Isaac and Ishmael and then Esau and Jacob. The “simple lineage version” is they were the start of two great races of people. Isaac and Jacob becoming the Jews and Ishmael and Esau becoming the Arabs. I realize it is much more complex then that that's why I said....simple lineage version. One group of these people believing in Jehovah and one group believing in Allah. Jews against Muslims

These are the two groups that will and are facing off in battle…….and the numbers will increase exponentially after God resurrects an exceedingly great army of resurrected descendents of Jacob…….the whole house of Jacob / Israel… per Ezekiel 37 and uses them to do to the Muslims what the Muslims were going to do to the Jews……eradicate them and their followers / supporters.

So indeed the battle from (I believe) God’s point of view and a lineage point of view will be ……brother against brother.