John B (12 Oct 2014)
"For Charles.......and a "Heads Up" must read for the rest of the Doves"


I am glad you have made the connection and the correlation of the sixth seal to……

*the great resurrection of the dead….. Christian and Jew (whole house of Jacob)

*the alive and dead in Christ taken in the rapture

*the Ezekiel 38 conflict

*the start of Jesus’ wrath

*the start of the tribulation period (Jacob’s trouble)

*the sealing of the 144,000

*and all the other events that occupy that timeframe as I have discussed in my recent posts


I believe the months from now until next September (this last Shemitah period before the 7 year tribulation period starts next September) will be crammed full of earth changing events.

The next event I see on the prophetic biblical calendar is God the Father’s intervention in the Ezekiel 38 conflict very possibly starting before this years end due to the related scripture that I will explain below.

It’s funny Charles, that you just posted about the connection of the Psalms numbers and biblical events because I was just going to post on that as well.

I am sure you remember the late (and great) J R Church who as I recollect started the “Prophecy in the News” web site and TV program. He had great interest and I believe wrote a book about the numbering of the Psalms and how those numbers correlate to the related Gregorian years (our calendar) and also the applicable verses of those Psalms forecasting events to happen in those particular numbered years.

With that in mind….

Let’s see if what I stated above about the Ezekiel 38 conflict starting this year and what Mr. Church believed about the numbering of the Psalms is a fit.

First a little background……

If you remember from my posts I believe that the Gog of Ezekiel 38 is a demonic prince who has ruled eastern Europe and western Asia for centuries. I believe that the angel Mohammed spoke to in the cave when he started the Muslim religion of Islam was not Gabriel as he thought but a demonic angel who God calls “Gog”.

This Gog has been the driving force for all these centuries leading untold millions into the death cult religion of Islam. Now we have Gog and his Muslim followers rapidly amassing in the Middle East and they are on a demonic mission to once and for all eradicate Israel and slaughter every Jew on the planet.

This death cult has recently correlated it’s efforts under a caliphate and a jihad. Many separate groups are coming together under one authority to coordinate their attack against Israel. More Islamic groups and Islamic countries are coming forward to swear allegiance or offer support to ISIS.

Pakistan just recently pledged their support.

We know that Hezbollah in Lebanon alone has nearly 100,000 rockets aimed at Israel. Hamas has ten’s of thousands of rockets they didn’t use from their recent volley. Iran has itself and has supplied Syria untold thousands of weapons amassed and aimed at Israel and I am sure when push turns into shove the Muslim country Turkey will also enter the fray against Israel.

And now they also have a fierce battled hardened demonic ground force….ISIS and its supportive groups ready to invade Israel from multiple directions. The stage is set for the Ezekiel 38 conflict to begin. And of course we know from reading Ezekiel 38 that a very very angry God the Father comes to earth and personally intervenes for Israel when Israel’ fate lies in the balance. I believe that these many forces that are aligned against Israel will launch their massive offensive all at once and Israel will sustain massive damage to life and property.

When might this begin?

My first thought for that would be later down the road but maybe God has a better answer to that question He has hidden in plain sight in Psalms 114.

As discussed above there seems to be a strong correlation between the numbering system of the Psalms and events that are to happen that year. With this in mind is there any verbiage in Psalm 114 (2014) that could lead one to believe that the Ezekiel 38 conflict might happen this year?

I’ll copy verse 7 and you be the judge.

7 ….. Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord, At the presence of the God of Jacob…..

WOW!!!!!! It appears from God’s Word in Psalms that the Ezekiel 38 conflict may start between now and January.

Look at the wording…….tremble…..What did God say in Ezekiel 38 and Revelation 6 (at the sixth seal) that would happen at that time? A world wide earthquake that would shake (tremble) the whole planet. And Ezekiel 38:20 says….. that all men who are on the face of the earth will shake (tremble) at My presence…..

Look at the rest of this verse… the presence of the Lord, At the presence of the God of Jacob….. “Presence” that means God has left heaven and will be front and center and present when this conflict takes place. And notice that it specifically says “the God of Jacob” or God the Father who personally has the covenant contract with the Jewish race.

If you also look at verses 3-6 and 8 of Psalm 114 you will see the effects of this world wide earthquake and shockwave on the mountains, hills and waters.


What else does it say will happen at the time of this world wide earthquake? It says many things will happen during this time frame such as…..

1) sun appearing black as sackcloth of hair

2) moon appearing red like blood

3) the stars of heaven fell to the earth as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind

4) the sky (our atmosphere) receded like a scroll when it is rolled up

5) every mountain and island was moved out of its place

6) men and women from all social class structures on the planet hid themselves in the safest most reinforced places they could find to avoid looking at……the face of God


I along with most of you have speculated many times as to what all of these 6 phrases mean changing my mind several times over the years.

The Lord told Daniel in chapter 12.…..that the words (explanations) are to be closed up and sealed till the time of the end

Well it’s the time of the end and Jesus is opening the seals and He is opening what has been sealed as per Daniel. The words and explanations concerning the last days are being revealed………. and I truly believe that God has shared with me what has been unsealed concerning the 6 points I listed above.

Let me describe to you what I believe the Lord has just shared with me about this whole scenario. First some pre-facts.


The pre-facts…….

The God of the universe is composed of three parts. God the Father (Yahweh), God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit.

Many centuries ago God the Father made a covenant with Abraham and all of Abrahams descendants forever. Whereas Abraham’s descendants (who we call the Jewish race) failed to keep this covenant Yahweh never has. Part of this covenant was that Abraham’s descendants would occupy the land God have given them and this land would not be taken away from them. God the Father has protected and intervened for these covenant peoples many times over the centuries even when they did not deserve it.

What I believe is to soon happen………tying in the 6 events from above

Israel is viciously attacked. Untold thousands of rockets are being fired at Israel from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Gaza and elsewhere. The world wide media is following the attack and the response from Israel blow by blow. Israel is taking a terrible beating. Thousands of Muslim fighters ISIS are set and ready to invade Israel from multiple directions after the rocket barrage has ended especially from the north. Israel’ survival is hanging in the balance and all looks lost when…….

Israel’ covenant partner God the Father explodes onto the world stage. He comes in a state of extreme rage because of what Satan and his demonic Islamic forces are doing to His chosen people. Ezekiel 38:18 says concerning God that…. My fury will show in My face……. This happens in a period of a blood moon and a solar eclipse……both happen this fall.

When God the Father who we know from the old testament as an all powerful omnipresent extreme light force enters earth’s atmosphere…….. He will because of His omnipresence…….. enter the atmosphere everywhere at the same time. We know this because it says in Ezekiel 38:20 ……that all men who are on the face of the earth will shake at My presence……meaning that He’s everywhere at the same time.

When He with His extreme power and force breaks through our atmosphere everywhere at the same time…..the bible says that our atmosphere will recede like when you roll up a scroll. Rev.6:14

Recede….to go or move back, to withdraw, to become more distant

So picture this now….. our atmosphere where there is gravity will recede upward maybe hundreds of miles like a scroll. The compression or lack there of of this ….the instantaneous differential of pressure change generated by our atmosphere expanding hundreds of miles farther out onto space I believe will generate a world wide earthquake……Rev.6:12, Ezekiel 38:19

Our earth’s gravity will be temporarily extended many more miles farther out into space. This means that all of the earths satellites that orbit the planet will now be exposed to that gravity and will fall to earth. Thus..…..“And the stars of heaven (satellites) fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when shaken by a mighty wind“….Rev.6:13

When one looks up into the clear night sky you can see our satellites as they orbit the earth they look like moving stars. This dropping of worldwide satellites should prevent the major world powers who depend on them for their war machines……from waging war.

Notice also that fig trees drop their late figs ……in the fall….which again points to a time for this to happen.

This great worldwide earthquake will move every mountain and island out of its place…..Ezekiel 38:20, Revelation 6:14

Ezekiel 38:18 and Revelation 6:16 tell us that when God the Father is here intervening for Israel that He exposes “His face” to Israel’ enemies that are coming against her. As we know from scripture no human can look at the face of God without being destroyed. I believe that would explain the scripture verse that speaks to men having their eyes and tongues melt out of their heads before their bodies hit the ground and how the city of Damascus is there in the evening and completely gone in the morning. And it certainly explains why all the people on the planet are hiding in reinforced enclosures in an effort to avoid looking at the face of God the Father in His enraged state…….“And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains…….to avoid looking at the face of Him who sets on the throne (God the Father)”………. And the wrath of the Lamb (Jesus)

If this explanation is accurate and Psalm 114 does indeed tell the right year for these events to happen then unbelievable events could transpire between now and January.

Also if the Psalms number system is correct, what does Psalm 115 or year 2015 tell us? And do the verses there indicate the aftermath of Ezekiel 38 and Revelation 6? I believe they do, lets look at them.

1 Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us,

  But unto your name give glory,

  Because of your mercy,

  Because of your truth,

To me this is saying…..Those of us who comprise Jesus’ church have found the narrow path that leads to salvation and have arrived in heaven. And our Lord is congratulating us and giving us glory for that achievement. But we are saying to Him that He deserves all the glory because of His mercy on us and because He kept His word (truth) and saved us from the wrath.

2 Why should the Gentiles say,

   So where is their God?

This verse speaks to what has just happened. The Church is in heaven and the Jews on earth have just witnessed their God Yahweh intervene on their behalf in monumental ways. So the left behind Gentiles (Hindu’s, Buddhists, many Roman Catholics, etc. etc.) are wondering where their god is? They have just witnessed the God of the Jews intervene for them and the God of the Christians (Jesus) intervene for His church. So these left behind Gentiles are wondering…. where their gods are?

3 But our God is in heaven;

  And he does whatever He pleases.

There seems to be a little bragging or rejoicing going on here. The Church is then answering verse 2 saying …we know where our God is, He’s here with us in heaven and He does whatever He pleases. Na…na….ni….na…

Then in verses 4-8 someone (the Church maybe) is critiquing these left behind peoples gods. They are saying that these gods are idols made of silver and gold by human hands. These gods can’t speak, see, hear, smell, walk, or handle anything. And those people who make these idols and trust in them are as stupid and unknowing as the idols themselves.

Verses 9-15 are addressing the left behind Jews who are going to have to go through the seven years of Jacob’s trouble….the tribulation period. Someone in these verses is harkening to Israel to trust in the Lord. That He is their shield against what is coming. That He will bless them. That He will bless the house of Israel, the house of Aaron and will bless those who fear Him. That He will increase the interests of theirs and their children’s more and more.

Verses 16-18 seems to be the Church in heaven speaking again saying….. that all the heavens belong to the Lord and that He has given the earth to the children of men. That those who have died without accepting Jesus do not praise the Lord but remain in silence. But that we who have put our faith in Jesus will bless the Lord from this time forth and forevermore.

All that being said……I do believe that Psalms 114 and 115 speak to this whole end times scenario and portray events and an overview of the happenings.

So Charles, as I recommended to Marilyn Agee ……double buckle your seat belt, it appears that we may have quite the ride facing us in the very near future.



Blessings to you and your family Charles…….John B