Rachel H (11 May 2014)
"The Most Comprehensive Biblical UFO site I have found....Also note to Frank Molver :)"

Hello John and Doves,
I have been praying about posting this for a few weeks now.
About a year ago, I believe the Lord led me to a very unusual site.
It is without a doubt the most comprehensive resource about UFOs being
a part of God's Personal Aerial Fleet, that I have ever come across.
I have to say I was blown away. I had never heard or come across this astounding
information in all my life, and I grew up with most of my family in the ministry.

The amazing thing is, this site is LOADED with Bible references,
and reveals methodically and easily how certain words can be translated
as actual parts of aerial spacecraft.

I'm not asking for anyone to agree with the information presented on the site,
just presenting it for other believers' consideration.

Please check it out, if you are at all interested in the other side of the coin.
Usually most if not all UFOs are presented in the Christian community
as being demonic in origin.
However, as many know, the enemy tries to copy and counterfeit things the LORD Jesus does.
That being said, I truly believe there are two sides to the UFO phenomenon as well.

One of my Favorite sections of this Multi-faceted site is "The Vehicles"....ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING.
"The Vehicles"
*The Pillars
*Dark Objects
*Chariots - Dwellings
*Lights and Fire
*Spinning Objects
*Other Vehicles
*Nahum's Freeway

Other Quick Topics....from the site....
"Flying Vehicle and Advanced Technology in the Bible"
*Flight Characteristics
*Flight Characteristics
*The Beings
*The Technology
*Close Encounters

"The Lord Yhovah of the Old Testament who became the Lord Jesus of the New Testament is described as flying in thick clouds, swift clouds, bright clouds, dark clouds, white clouds, low clouds, great clouds, and fiery clouds. And that's only the clouds. There are also the platforms, vessels, whirling chariots of fire, sky thrones, fiery horses, cherubims, thick darkness, great fire, whirlwinds, fiery wheels, pavilions, dark waters, storms, sky dwellings, rolls and sanctuaries. Whether or not one believes these objects are actually flying vehicles that the God of the Bible lives in, appears with, travels in, and considers the seat of his power is a matter of opinion. The fact that they do not appear without him or his ambassadors and that in most major appearances he and other beings are clearly described as directly associated with these flying objects is undeniable."

"The Ultimate Guide to UFOs and Their Occupants"

May the LORD JESUS....Yeshua our Mighty God....lead us into all truth.
*NOTE>>>>....I want to point out that if these evidences, theories, and Bible interpretaions are correct,
It would GREATLY COINCIDE with Nicole Poon's Prophetic Sketches,
as posted by Frank Molver on fivedoves.com, whom I greatly appreciate for sharing her work.
Thank you, Frank. You have encouraged my walk with Jesus mightily by your sharing of her work,
and your posts. May the Lord Jesus bless you and your family always.
Here are a few noteworthy posts exemplifying this subject.
"Exodus 5, 5 doves, 5 lilles, 5 ships, 5 pyramids, 5 virgins. rapture!"

"Press TV false flag leads to war, NYC, Malaysia, Ukraine, Israel, Iran, prophetic drawings"

"God showed a thick dark cloud with a big spaceship hid in it spinning over the city New York,and with raining." - Nicole Poon

"The whirlwinds from heaven give a timeline clue, prophetic drawings"

"Dale sent me these sketches by Nicole done 2 years ago
They seem to fit
The whirlwind that bring rapture
And the whirlwinds of destruction" - Frank Molver

"12 April 2012/
I still prayed for the same,God showed Mt Fuji volcano erupted with a whirlwind on the top,two spaceships flying above." - Nicole Poon

Note....The Recurring Spaceships, the Whirlwinds....just like Elijah went up into,
in a "CHARIOT OF FIRE"....modern translation: GLOWING VEHICLE....
AND.....the DARK CLOUDS.....in Nicole's drawings here....
See the "Clouds" section under "The Vehicles" referenced at
http://bibleufo.com/clouds1.htm  ....Graphics Version

http://bibleufo.com/zclouds.htm   ....Black and White Text

Shalom and Love In Yeshua's Name,
Rachel H.

{Note: I do not endorse other ads/people mentioned
on this site. There is one woman advertising/posting there as a "spiritual empath"...word to the wise.}