Frank Molver (30 Mar 2014)
"Press TV false flag leads to war, NYC, Malaysia, Ukraine, Israel, Iran, prophetic drawings"

Very, very important article from Press TV
US forces on nuclear “false flag” high alert: Duff
This is an excellent article detailing how complex and dangerous this present situation is with US, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Iran, etc
Also there is the article in which Turkey has been caught arranging a false flag
Here Is The YouTube "Start A False Flag War With Syria" Leaked Recording That Erdogan Wanted Banned

And the latest from Nicole Poon
Here we have a drawing referring to the lost flight
There is a dark butterfly and a ghost like butterfly with whithered flowers
26th March 2014/
I prayed for the same and asked God about the missing plane where it is now.
God showed a dark gray butterfly collecting pollen on a flower,another one flying with the withered ones in the wind.With words,"Gone with the wind!"
Here we have a powerful intercession image
26th March 2014/
I prayed for what we have studied about the obedience to God.
God showed a priest giving offering inside a crystal,and the doves flying toward the light.
This I believe has to do with getting the US ready for war after a false flag incident, perhaps a hit on NYC
The clarification of the poster is, Uncle Sam wants you in the Army
22nd March 2014/
Today afternoon we studied about the complaint of Israelite in wilderness.Dear heavenly father,teach us to remember this lesson,to be patient until the day we leave for the promised land.As for the spaceship,I cannot tell for sure but I believe what you have showed by faith.Come soon to take us Home Lord!
God showed a plane spreading the leaflets,a man picked it up and looking at.
This indicates some sort of spiritual event happening above NYC
perhaps a ship ready to take the saints away, perhaps an evil ship preparing the deception
22nd March 2014/
I still prayed for the same,for the plane.I praised the Lord,for He is so faithful, no matter how hard the situation is. God gave a vision which seems not to be related to my prayer.
God showed a thick dark cloud with a big spaceship hid in it spinning over the city New York,and with raining.
Here we have some sort of access spouting out a missile attack to earth
Notice the cross below, the protected ones?
15th March 2014
I prayed for almost the same,said,"let us have our eyes fixed on the target and have faith to get to there under any hard situation."
God showed a metal tube with color red on a half of it.Five super bombs flying through this tube to a city where there was a cross pool with clear water on it.
And now it seems the same tube is transporting saints upward
rapture and war at the same time?
16th March 2014/
I prayed for many.I told God,this world is shaking now,the heart of man is hard,your time is near.let us be covered by your blood.Let us can enter Your kingdom.Come soon our Lord!
God showed a beam of light shining through a narrow door into from the high.There was a mark of lamb's blood on the lintel.With words,"The narrow gate,the narrow path."