Marilyn Agee (5 March 2017)
"Friedrich Wenz: Sign of Sept 23, 2017"

Thanks for the information you posted. I don’t know if it matters, but people are making much about Jupiter being in retrograde motion in Virgo in September.
However, Jupiter will already be in Virgo next Pentecost, Sun. June 4, 2017, when I expect the Rapture.
Friedrich Wenz: RE: Sept 23, 2017 Sign ... What if ... already in March...?
The Position of Jupiter in the Night Sky, 2014 to 2018 by Martin J Powell
"Jupiter emerges in the dawn Eastern sky in mid-October 2016, heralding the 2016-17 apparition which sees the planet occupying central Virgo throughout. In early 2017 the planet is positioned around 4° North of the constellation's brightest star Spica (Greek lower-case letter 'alpha' Vir or Alpha Virginis, mag. +1.0) and moving in a South-easterly direction against the background stars. Eastern stationary point is reached in early February, after which the planet turns retrograde and heads North-westwards, passing North of Spica a second time around mid-month. Opposition takes place in early April, positioned just 16' (0°.3) West of the double star Theta Virginis (Greek lower-case letter 'theta' Vir, mag. +4.4). After reaching Western stationary point in June the planet resumes direct motion, heading South-easterly again and passing North of Spica for a third and final time in early September. The 2016-17 apparition ends in early October, as Jupiter sinks into the Western sky at dusk."
Jupiter will be at opposition in Virgo from April 7, 2017. It will be in Libra starting May 9, 2018.
Therefore, Jupiter will be in Virgo next Pentecost, Sun. June 4, 2017.
Marilyn Agee